#Squirrels4good and Your Nature Favorites

Craig Newmark's love for squirrels inspired me to draw him one!
We all have them: certain wildlife visitors that bring us joy and excitement when we happen to see them. I think it’s important to celebrate not only the animals that inspire awe like the polar bear, but also the everyday animals that entertain us.

That’s why I got so excited when I learned that Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist and lover of squirrels, wanted to donate $1 to National Wildlife Federation for every mention of #squirrels4good. What a perfect example of celebrating wildlife that both amuses us and keeps us company in life!

So if squirrels inspire Craig, what inspires you?

We’re encouraging you to tweet what animals you love seeing in the wild while using the hashtag #squirrels4good!

Attracting backyard visitors that you love

Part of the reason why many of us garden for wildlife and celebrate Garden for Wildlife Month is because it increases the chances we’ll see those animals that bring joy to our backyards and balconies.  Whether you’re trying to see more hummingbirds, bats or butterflies, many species use the habitats we create for them and will coexist peacefully when allow them some room.

So please tell us the wildlife you love seeing by doing one of the following things:

  • Share Facebook photos or stories about your favorite wildlife on our Facebook wall (using #squirrels4good).
  • Tweet photos or stories about your favorite wildlife (using #squirrels4good).
  • Draw, write or paint something in honor of your nature visitors.