Tom Petty was Right… the Waiting Really is the Hardest Part: An Urban Garden Update

In February, I conquered my fear of the gardening world, and began building my own urban garden.

With Urban Organic Gardening expert Mike Lieberman at my side and encouraging me that “you don’t need a green thumb, just two opposable ones,” to garden, I set out  to show gardening who’s boss, and instantly became a paranoid, first-time grower.

Will they grow? Why aren’t they sprouting right now? What if “my babies” don’t make it? Because just like the Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers song: The Waiting really is the hardest part.

And then…

It happened.  Three weeks after I put seed into soil, it happened.  I lifted up my homemade greenhouse and my little cherry tomatoes had sprouted. A few days later, the bell peppers and jalapeños also sprouted.  I’ve never been more proud of myself in my life.  Maybe this gardening stuff isn’t so bad after all.

For the first time ever, I’m excited about the idea of eating produce that I’ve grown from a seed– a fresh salad, veggie stir-fry and jalapeños poppers have never sounded so good. And for NWF’s Garden for Wildlife Month, I’ve added a few native plants to my garden that will attract wildlife, including butterflies and birds.

Today, my garden is HUGE, and I’m happy to share with you photos of my garden’s progress:

My bell peppers on April 21. Such babies!
My bell peppers on May 30-- getting so big!
Petunias remind me of my mother :) She always grew them in Georgia when I was a kid.
My cherry tomatoes on April 21.
My cherry tomatoes on May 30. These are my pride and joy-- they're growing so well. I don't know why the one is so much bigger, but all three are healthy!
The plants add that special touch to my balcony-- so homey!

The waiting continues…

Even though today, May 31, is the last day of Garden for Wildlife Month here at NWF, the fun is just beginning in the gardening world.  As I continue watering my plants every other day, The Waiting has moved from seeing sprouts to eating fresh produce!

Happy Growing, My Fellow Friends!

Wildlife-Friendly DMV Garden for Wildlife Month Edition

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