Wind and Wildlife Supporters Come to Boston

some of the supporters holding signs outside the Boston hearing
Supporters of Cape Wind and offshore wind as a solution to dirty energy and climate change had a great hearing wednesday in Boston about the Cape Wind project and  the contract for NStar to buy a large chunk of the power the project will produce.

Wednesday night over 100 people packed at room for a hearing about national grid and the clean home-grown electricity they have agreed to purchase from cape wind. The National Wildlife Federation had staff and volunteers there, and we spoke out for wind AND wildlife. Many other partners came as well, including our affiliate, the Environmental League of Massachusetts.

The room was very positive, with lots of folks speaking about why they believe we need to move to cleaner energy sources and away from fossil fuels and polluting technologies. 75% of the room talked about their support for the project as support for moving away from polluting and dangerous energy like coal and moving towards a clean energy future.

Some of my favorite things people said were from folks who spend time on the cape and islands, and who spoke about how much they love the place and how much we need the solutions that projects like Cape Wind provide to the climate crisis. Matt Lord, who is a law student at Northeastern and who has spent summers on the cape his whole life, said climate change is the biggest issue of our time, and he supports cape wind for that reason.

The Cape Wind project has been 11 years in the making, and is projected to provide year round power for more than a half a million homes in Massachusetts. And it will be a power source that you don’t have to tear the top off a mountain or start a war in another country to get.