Detroit Recovery Speaks Volumes Beyond Convention Words on Climate Change

Climate change and extreme weather “a threat to our children’s future.” the President said in his address. | Photo–NWF
Everyone’s talking about the auto industry.

What with the Administration’s recent announcement of strong new fuel economy standards, regular news on automotive job growth across the country, and great August sales numbers, the auto industry revival is a success story for consumers, the economy and energy security.

It’s also powerful proof that America can man up on climate change.

Last night the President stated clearly that climate change is real and that it is causing real hardship for Americans.

He can speak with confidence because he can point to proof that American government, American business, and the American people have what it takes to turn climate change around.

Every great new car and truck you see on the road is that proof.

Loading new vehicles at Lordstown Assembly. NWF – Zoe Lipman
The auto recovery shows what combating climate change looks like:

  • It looks like hundreds of American businesses—from 100-year old Chevrolet, to brand new start-ups—showing that American innovation can deliver products with half the climate pollution in just over a decade.
  • It looks like thousands of lasting jobs in communities all across the country that show that American workers can compete and win in the global economy.
  • It looks like good government bringing opponents together to craft breakthrough, broadly supported laws that provide a solid foundation for investment, prosperity, and the protection of the natural world for our children.

If a combination of good government and the hard work of just one industry will cut carbon pollution equivalent to 10% of all U.S. climate pollution today, what if we all stepped up?

The time for running from climate change is over.  The auto recovery is proof of our capacity to fight it.

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