September, 2012

Voters Want Answers on Climate from President Obama and Governor Romney

Undecided voters are not hearing what they want to hear from the candidates right now on climate change. A new poll by Yale University and George Mason University found that … Read more

Bald eagle

Photo of the Day: Fresh Fish

Bald eagle with its fresh catch   Photo by Flickr member Craig Leaper See more of Craig Leaper’s photos on Flickr >> Your Photo Could Be Here We want one … Read more

Weekly News Roundup – September 21, 2012

Want to know what National Wildlife Federation was up to this week? Here is a recap of the week’s NWF news: NWF Hails Designation of Colo.’s Chimney Rock as National … Read more

Chimney Rock, America’s New National Monument

Chimney Rock, one of America’s unique natural wonders, received a special designation today from President Obama—it is our nation’s newest National Monument. Native Americans, conservationists, preservationists, and local business owners are … Read more

PBS Relies on Non-Scientist to Rebut Scientists on Climate Science

PBS pulls a Fox News and features a dubious “expert” on climate denial. Let’s make them set the record straight — read on to find out how you can help. Read more

Eastern cottontail

Photo of the Day: Quirky Cottontail

This eastern cottontail goes in for a nibble while keeping its ears alert, creating a quirky expression. Photo by Flickr member incanus See more of incanus’s photos on Flickr >> … Read more

Congress Takes a Mulligan for Dirty Energy, Ignores Actually Useful Legislation

Congress is set to leave town and head home to campaign for the next six weeks, and instead of working on unfinished business for the American people, the leadership of … Read more

TransCanada – The Neighbor from Hell for Many Landowners

The company that’s been bullying landowners across the U.S. to put the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline under their private land wants you to feel okay about it.  So … Read more

NWF Campus Ecology Releases New Student Guide on Dirty Energy Politics

National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology Program is pleased to announce the release of our new resource, “A Student’s Guide to How Corporate Oil, Gas and Coal Money Influences U.S. Energy … Read more


Photo of the Day: Coyote At Rest

Coyote (Canis latrans)   Photo by Flickr member flipkeat See more of flipkeat’s photos on Flickr >> Your Photo Could Be Here We want one of your nature photos to … Read more