MI Student Groups Endorse 25% Renewable Energy Standard Ballot Proposal

On November 6, Michigan voters will have the chance to secure more clean energy for our state by voting for Prop 3. This ballot proposal is a unique opportunity for Michigan citizens to increase our state’s renewable energy standard to 25% by the year 2025.

This week registered student organizations from five Michigan campuses signed on to endorse Prop 3. These student groups were also joined in their endorsements by two statewide groups: the Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition and the Michigan Federation of College Democrats.

Michigan State MSSC students educating their peers about clean energy and Prop 3
Many students support Prop 3 because of it’s potential to provide us with a healthy and productive future. Here in Michigan, many students and recent graduates are very concerned for our state’s future because of the heavy economic downturn we have been facing. Over the past few years we’ve witnessed large factories shut down and the auto industry collapse, and watched as family members and friends were laid off and faced long-term unemployment. We realize that by increasing our renewable energy mandate we can rebuild Michigan by revitalizing our manufacturing base with clean energy. There are 8,000 parts to a wind turbine, and all of them can be made here in Michigan by Michigan residents. We love our state and many of us want to stay and work here, but we can only do that if we see a way to move forward economically.

If you are interested in supporting Michigan students, or clean energy, please join us for our national day of action on October 30 to support Prop 3. Individuals and organizations from all over the country will be making phone calls to undecided voters in Michigan and educating them about clean energy and Prop 3. Please sign up here to get involved and help support our future, and the future of clean energy for our country.