Pintail Ducks’ Wetlands at Risk from Flawed Farm Bill

Wetlands in the prairie potholes habitats across Great Plains grasslands where Pintail Ducks, shovelers and American white pelicans breed are at risk from a flawed version of the Farm Bill that would subsidize the destruction of wildlife habitat.

This week Congressional leaders are working with the White House behind closed doors to come up with a budget deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff” — and may be considering including a Farm Bill with subsidies that reward people for destroying wetlands and causing soil erosion. 

Don’t let special interests use backroom deals to undermine common sense conservation provisions that protect streams, wetlands and grasslands.

Pintail ducks in flight (Photo: USFWS Pacific)

Farm Bill Must Not Cave to Special Interests

Up until now, conservation has been an important part of the federal Farm Bill.  Conservation programs have protected wildlife by providing farmers and other private landowners incentives to set aside land for wildlife, such as grasslands, wetlands and stream corridors — and landowners have been required to protect wetland habitats and control against serious soil erosion as a condition of receiving subsidies.

If special interests get their way in the fiscal cliff deal, taxpayer dollars will be used to reward the destruction of millions of acres of wetlands and reward farming practices that lead to worsened soil erosion–choking streams with silt and harming fish.

Help Stop the Destruction of Wildlife Habitat

Right now, we can stop lawmakers from using the fiscal cliff as an excuse to subsidize the destruction of Prairie Pothole wetlands where Northern Pintail ducks breed.

Urge President Obama to ensure that any final Farm Bill he signs include conservation measures that were voted on by the Senate. Failure to include these conservation provisions could lead to a massive destruction of important habitat for the Northern Pintail duck.

Take ActionUrge President Obama to protect our remaining prairie wetlands for northern pintails.

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Published: December 11, 2012