Ranger Rick magazine has entertained children and educated them about wildlife for more than 45 years. It all started with the January 1967 issue of NWF’s Ranger Rick’s Nature Magazine, and since then, America’s favorite raccoon has hosted more than 515 awesome issues! Along the way, the publication’s name was shortened to Ranger Rick. But the magazine’s mission has remained the same: To instill in young readers a greater understanding of the natural world and a deep love of nature and wildlife.

Five decades of Ranger Rick covers. From left: Jan. 1967, April 1975, April 1986, Sept. 1995 and July 2000. See more Ranger Rick covers on Facebook.

Ranger Rick Today

The beloved print version of Ranger Rick magazine continues to provide kids ages 7–12 with a fascinating read and page after page of world-class wildlife photos! The magazine was recently awarded the Parents’ Choice Foundation gold medal for the eighth time.

Ranger Rick is published 10 times a year for an annual subscription price of $15.

In 2012, the Ranger Rick brand introduced two more great magazines, enabling us to inspire many more children with a lifelong appreciation for wildlife, nature, and the joy of spending time outside!

Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine

Joining the Ranger Rick family was Ranger Rick Jr., a print magazine specially designed for 4- to 7-year-olds. The magazine uses dazzling wildlife photos and simple, easy-to-follow text to introduce young children to the amazing world of animals. A brand new character, Ricky Raccoon, guides children through the pages of Ranger Rick Jr., helping them to think further about what they learn and observe. Ricky also has his own app called Ranger Rick Jr.’s Appventures—Lions.

Ranger Rick Jr. is published 10 times a year for an annual subscription price of $15. And Appventures—Lions sells for $4.99 in the App Store.

Ranger Rick’s Tree House

Ranger Rick Treehouse app
The Ranger Rick’s Tree House app
For slightly older, tech-savvy kids (ages 7–12), National Wildlife Federation launched a highly interactive digital magazine called Ranger Rick’s Tree House. Designed for use on the iPad, this new product re-envisions how children read and consume magazine-like content on digital devices.

Picture an electronic version of Ranger Rick’s tree-house home. Inside are rooms packed with animal videos, comic adventures, multi-level games, and goofy jokes—as well as awesome wildlife articles, photos, and animations.

Ranger Rick’s Tree House is sold through the App Store. Subscribers receive 5 issues per year, plus monthly Bonus Updates for an annual price of $19.95.


Were You a Ranger Rick Kid?

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