Eco-Schools Mentor Visits from Wales

The NWF Eco-Schools USA team was thrilled to host Lesley Jones, our Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) mentor, last month.  Lesley is the Chief Executive Officer for Keep Wales Tidy which operates the Wales Eco-Schools program.  We asked Lesley to say a few words about her visit here to the United States, and her very first visit to the Washington, D.C. area.


Lesley Jones (left) and Laura Hickey (right) enjoy some sightseeing in Washington, D.C.
Throughout my visit to NWF I was so impressed with all the work that is going on to develop the Eco-Schools and YRE programmes in the USA.  The range of resources available through a very accessible website provide great support to schools – both staff and pupils.  I was also very interested in the work done to demonstrate the benefits of Eco-Schools in supporting good education through an applied learning focus.

I was privileged to visit one of the USA’s first Eco-Schools, Churchill Road Elementary School in Fairfax County.  So much work is going on there to reduce waste, particularly food waste through composting and sharing as well as recycling and upcycling.  The children learn so much in practical ways through growing their own fruit and vegetables – it was very inspiring.

I was also very interested to learn more about the history and development of NWF from Kevin Coyle and Laura Hickey and spend time in their beautiful offices.  I managed to find time to take a walk in the woodlands around the office and was very excited to see a cardinal.  (We just don’t have such beautiful and colourful birds in the UK.)

I had such a great time and wonderful hospitality from Laura and NWF.  I hope I can visit again some day.


We thank Lesley for her kind words and guidance in support of our programs!