“Bike to Work” Day and “Wear Your Life Jacket to Work” Day Coincide!

Today is “Bike to Work” Day and also “Wear your Life Jacket to Work” Day, and here at the Pacific Regional Center of the National Wildlife Federation, Ranger Rick has a tough choice on how to get to work. Our Seattle Office is near a major bike path, but we are also located on Lake Union, right next to a kayaking center and marinas.

Do you know how to properly fit a life vest?
Do you know how to properly fit a life vest?
Ranger Rick wants to be out there and enjoy some outdoor recreation on the way to work today but he can’t decide whether to ride or paddle.  So help Ranger Rick and tell us what you think!

We hope that you get outside and run and play this weekend, and if you are riding your bike or boating that you wear a properly fitted helmet or life jacket. The US Coast Guard has a lot of information on safety rules and how to select the correct life jacket, and here in Seattle there are a lot of resources available for bicycle safety.

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