Get Dirty, Muddy, Happy and Healthy

Mud Buffalo

Wildlife enjoy the mud, we should, too!

Who doesn’t love to splash in puddles, roll in mud, kick up dirt? Apparently a lot of people. Dirt has become a widespread fear for kids (and adults), and ultimately a barrier to getting outside. But mud is a key to enjoying happier, healthier and longer lives. Even if for just a day, celebrate the mess, muck and mud! Here are a few ways for people of all ages to get muddy.

1. Let go. Wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. Embrace the muck.

2. Make a muddy chocolate pudding treat or these dirt cup desserts (with worms).

3. Sign up for a mud run.

Mud Run

Mud Run (Photo by Flickr Presidio of Monterey)

4. Follow the weather. Plan to enjoy a hot bubble bath (to warm up) or to run through the sprinklers (to cool down).

5. Skip the bubble bath and pamper yourself with a mud bath. They have several benefits, and you can make your own!

6. Watch “Dirt! The Movie” and learn why we should care about dirt. YouTube Preview Image

7. Dig around in your garden. Don’t have a garden? Volunteer to do a stream cleanup or a tree planting.

8. Paint a picture with mud on a canvas or find a stick to create a masterpiece in the dirt!

9. And last, but certainly the best idea of all: build a slide in the mud.

Mud Slide

Kids enjoying a mud slide!


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