Get Dirty, Muddy, Happy and Healthy

Mud Buffalo
Wildlife enjoy the mud, we should, too!
Who doesn’t love to splash in puddles, roll in mud, kick up dirt? Apparently a lot of people. Dirt has become a widespread fear for kids (and adults), and ultimately a barrier to getting outside. But mud is a key to enjoying happier, healthier and longer lives. Even if for just a day, celebrate the mess, muck and mud! Here are a few ways for people of all ages to get muddy.

1. Let go. Wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. Embrace the muck.

2. Make a muddy chocolate pudding treat or these dirt cup desserts (with worms).

3. Sign up for a mud run.

Mud Run
Mud Run (Photo by Flickr Presidio of Monterey)
4. Follow the weather. Plan to enjoy a hot bubble bath (to warm up) or to run through the sprinklers (to cool down).

5. Skip the bubble bath and pamper yourself with a mud bath. They have several benefits, and you can make your own!

6. Watch “Dirt! The Movie” and learn why we should care about dirt. [youtube][/youtube]

7. Dig around in your garden. Don’t have a garden? Volunteer to do a stream cleanup or a tree planting.

8. Paint a picture with mud on a canvas or find a stick to create a masterpiece in the dirt!

9. And last, but certainly the best idea of all: build a slide in the mud.

Mud Slide
Kids enjoying a mud slide!