Speak Up for Gulf Restoration to Honor Dolphin Y12


At the third anniversary of the Gulf oil spill this spring, NWF reported more than 650 dolphins were found stranded in the oil spill area since the Gulf oil disaster began–more than four times the historical average. It is a staggering amount that is hard to wrap one’s head around—and dolphins are still dying today.

[credit: NOAA] Veterinarians collect a urine sample from Y12 caught near Grand Isle, Louisiana in 2011.
Researchers collecting a urine sample from Y12 caught near Grand Isle, Louisiana, in 2011. [photo credit: NOAA]
This is the story of just one of the many dolphins that have been found in the aftermath of the spill.

Y12’s Story

Y12, a 16-year-old male bottlenose dolphin, was found near a barrier island that was severely oiled during the disaster.

The dolphin was underweight, anemic, and showed signs of liver and lung disease–symptoms consistent with those seen in other mammals exposed to oil. Researchers feared Y12 and many of the other dolphins in the study were so seriously ill they would not survive.

Sadly, Y12’s emaciated carcass washed ashore seven months later.

In fact, three years after the oil spill began, dolphins, including infant dolphins, are still dying at an alarming rate.

Help Gulf Wildlife Recover and Thrive

Right now, we have the chance to be a voice for Y12 and other wildlife by dedicating BP’s oil spill fines to restoring water quality and wildlife habitats in the Gulf.

The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council—which controls much of the spending from BP’s oil spill fines–recently released their draft restoration plan and is currently accepting comments on this plan from the public.

While the council’s plan is a good outline, outside special interests are clamoring for this money to fund pet projects such as new coastal development and highway projects. Funding for these projects would come at the expense of vital wildlife habitat restoration efforts.

Speak Up in Honor of Y12’s Shortened Life

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