Calling all Colleges and Universities — Campus Conservation Nationals 2014 is Open

2014 Logo cropped

National Wildlife Federation, through its Campus Ecology Program, in partnership with Lucid Design Group, the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council and the Alliance to Save Energy, are very excited toannounce Campus Conservation Nationals 2014. From February through April, participating students will have the opportunity to compete to reduce electricity and water consumption in the largest conservation competition program for colleges and universities in the world.

Sign-up now. Program registration kicked off Sept. 17 and goes through October 25, and is open to both two- and four-year institutions.

The competition happens in the Spring 2014 semester with students competing to reduce energy and water usage in campus buildings during their school’s three-week competition. Using Lucid’s Building Dashboard®, students will be able to instantly compare performance, track standings among schools and buildings, and share their successful strategies with other competitors.

Campus Conservation Nationals provides an opportunity for students from all disciplines, both living in dorms and living off campus, to learn about best practices in conserving electricity and water. These are practices that they can take home and share with their friends and family. And, not only do these habits result in a lighter footprint on our natural resources, but a lighter impact on your bank account,” says Kristy Jones, senior manager, NWF’s Campus Ecology Program.

New Theme for 2014Captain Kilowatt final

This year’s theme for CCN is Conservation Superheros! A gang of conservation superheros will be flying in to help colleges and universities nationwide compete this spring. The first member of the CCN superhero crew is Captain Kilowatt. Captain Kilowatt is an unabashed supporter of conservation; his green cape and lightning-bolt-emblazoned shirt are a conversation-starter that help him share conservation ideas with his fellow students. Over the next few months, the CCN team will be introducing the rest of the extraordinary superhero team that will be taking on CCN 2014.

Students Encouraged to Share their CCN Posters

Participating campuses will have the opportunity to enter an optional poster contest hosted by NWF. Campuses are encouraged to get creative and motivate their friends and peers through marketing and education campaigns to turn off the lights, unplug the computer, and shut off the shower. And CCN organizers want to see the creativity, the clever catch phrases, and incentives used to get people to join in.

More about Campus Conservation Nationals

Last year, for CCN 2013, students saved 2,115,000 kWh of electricity — the equivalent of taking 187 U.S. homes off the grid for one year —1,680,000 gallons of water, or more than 11,000 hours spent in the shower. Campus Conservation National gives students and staff an opportunity to create a real impact on their school’s carbon emissions while simultaneously elevating the importance of energy and water conservation within collegiate communities. Encouraged to brainstorm innovative strategies for reducing energy consumption and costs, students are provided valuable opportunities to educate themselves about successful conservation behaviors and the environmental and economic benefits attached to such practices. To learn more about the program, sign up to participate, or follow leading schools, visit

National Wildlife Federation has a 20-year history of working with colleges and universities through its Campus Ecology program to improve their overall green educational programming and on-site sustainability. Its student outreach programs, campus consulting, technology competitions and educational events reach about 1,000 colleges each year.