Weekly News Roundup- November 1, 2013

What’s happening at National Wildlife Federation this week?

ROAR Campaign


David on Wendy Williams


Oct. 31- Wendy faces her fears of creepy crawlers on this spooktacular Halloween appearance!  David (aka Batman) plugged great conservation messages for each of  these “spooky” animals. They may not be the cutest, but they need our help! Watch the hilarious segment and make sure to catch David on Conan on Nov. 5!


National Wildlife Federation Supports Proposition 6

Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge

Oct.30– Statement of Myron Hess, Manager of Texas Water Programs:

“The National Wildlife Federation supports Proposition 6. There can be no question that Texans face many water needs and that significant investments are necessary. Proposition 6, which would use $2 billion from the State’s existing “Rainy Day Fund” to create a specialized revolving loan fund to help implement projects in the State Water Plan, has many positive attributes making it worthy of support.

“Among its strengths is the designation of at least 20% of the funding to be directed towards water conservation and reuse projects, with an additional 10% to be directed towards rural projects, including agricultural water conservation. It also mandates a prioritization of projects that can receive funding. Those are very positive steps and the National Wildlife Federation looks forward to working with state, regional and local leaders to ensure they are implemented effectively.

“The bottom line is that Texans must invest in meeting our water supply needs. But we can’t assume there is a simple fix. Proposition 6 is an important step, but it won’t solve all our water woes. By itself it won’t ensure that we use water efficiently. And no funding mechanism can guarantee that we make good decisions to manage water supplies to protect our springs, wetlands, rivers and coastal bays for future generations. That will take a concerted effort by all Texans. We should demand no less of ourselves and of leaders at every level of government.

“We should vote to pass Proposition 6 and commit to ensuring that the funds made available are used for conservation and water projects that respect and conserve our precious natural heritage.”


And now here are highlights from NWF in the news:

Huffington Post: Let’s Be “Smart From the Start” With Solar, Wind on Public Lands

America’s Western public lands are home to some of the best hunting, fishing and wildlife habitat in the world. They’re part of what define America’s outdoor heritage and fuel our outdoor recreation economy, responsible for about 6.1 million jobs and $646 billion in spending yearly. These same lands, however, also provide some of the best wind and solar resources our county has to offer.

ALJAZEERA: The next superstorm: Preparing extreme weather

Bruce Stein, director of climate change adaptation for the National Wildlife Federation and a botanist by training, is helping to write a guide for “climate smart” conservation that will aid park- and nature-reserve managers.

Environment News Service: Climate Change Puts Red Sox’ Fenway Park at Risk

Boston’s 101-year-old Fenway Park – where the World Series was won by the Boston Red Sox tonight for the first time since 1918 – is at increased risk of flooding due to climate change, warns the National Wildlife Federation.

National Geographic: Vital Ground Protects Grizzly Bear Habitat

They have also worked to retire grazing allotments, recovering such property for wildlife. Such land was once federal protected wilderness and in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation, Vital Ground has restored it for bears and other majestic North American fauna.

The Roger Hedgecock Show: Zombies vs. Animals

David Mizejewski discusses what wildlife species would survive a zombie apocalypse!

Idaho State Journal: New coalition says Congress incapable of protecting sporting legacy in Boulder-White Clouds area

“I am a lifetime Idaho hunter. I support a Boulder-White Clouds National Monument because it will protect those world-class natural landscapes that wildlife need and outdoor men and women want,” Caywood says. “I enjoy hunting and fishing the BWCs because it’s some of the best wild country left in the lower 48 states.”

Texas Tribune: U.S. House Bill Could Speed Up Cross-National Pipelines

“The Commerce Department would be forced to implement the pipelines unless it wasn’t in the national security interest to do so,” Jim Murphy, senior counsel for the National Wildlife Federation, said Monday in an interview. “By adding the word ‘security’ in the bill, they are trying to take out consideration of environmental harm.”

Bronx-Times Reporter: PS 304 kids ‘root’ for nature

The trees were donated to the school by the Waterbury LaSalle Community Association, which obtained the saplings from the National Wildlife Federation and the MillionTreesNYC the campaign.

The Herald: A watershed moment for the Delaware River basin

Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, talked about the significant impact that climate change will have on the Delaware, saying, “We are moving the planet outside the human experience to a time of climate consequence.” His comments were particularly poignant in light of the one-year anniversary today of Superstorm Sandy.