Weekly News Roundup: Youths and DOI Secretary Talk Public Lands and More!

Getting the Dirt on Earthworms

This is what it is all about! Smiles and worms.
This is what it is all about! Smiles and worms.
As spring approaches, many gardeners are ready to dive back into planting their favorite flora; but anyone prone to working the soil knows that you will encounter slimy annelids known as earthworms.  So, before you dig in… Here are 10 things you may want to know about earthworms.

What’s happening at National Wildlife Federation this week?

Youths, DOI Secretary Talk Public Lands

Feb 27- A group of young outdoor enthusiasts met Wednesday with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to discuss the importance of public lands to America’s heritage and economy, Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development said.

The youths traveled to Washington, D.C., from across the country after winning an essay contest sponsored by the national sportsmen’s coalition. The contest’s theme was “The Importance of Public Lands to Me” and the essays highlight the forests, mountains, sagebrush steppe and backcountry waters overseen by Jewell and the Interior Department.

Hailing from both the East and West, the winners are Jarred Kay, 17, Flagstaff, Ariz.; Haley Powell, 17, Rock Springs, Wyo.; Matthew Reilly, 18, Palmyra, Va.;

Sally Jewell with essay contest winners

Rebecca Brown, 17, Conrad, Mont.; and Noah Davis, 18, Greensburg, Pa.

Jewell has said that engaging young people in conservation and nurturing their connection to the outdoors are critical to the health, economic and social benefits of conserving our public lands. SFRED representatives noted that fostering stewardship in younger generations is crucial as debates continue over federal funding of conservation programs, increased public lands energy development, and even the future ownership of these lands.

Learn more about the winners and read their essays at http://sfred.org/media-center/youth-essay-contest.

Follow the winners’ Washington, D.C., trip on Twitter: @JudithKohler, @ShaunaSherard, @kmckalip, @4huntersanglers.

National Wildlife Federation Thanks Rep. John Dingell for Service to Protect Fish, Wildlife, and Habitat


Feb 25- The National Wildlife Federation today thanked Rep. John Dingell for his years of service in the U.S. Congress, where he helped enact many of the nation’s landmark conservation laws that led to a cleaner environment for people and wildlife. Rep. Dingell, who announced today that he was retiring, is the longest-serving member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Rep. John Dingell has been a champion for wildlife and has been a leader in helping enact policies to make our air and water cleaner and to help bring wildlife back from the brink of extinction,” saidLarry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. “Rep. Dingell is a wildlife conservation hero. We thank him for his years of dedication to help restore and protect fish and wildlife and their habitat.”

Take Action in Saving America’s Waters! Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to use the strong science on wetlands and streams to protect them from pollution and destruction.

PS154 Awarded Eco-Schools USA Green Flag for Exceptional ‘Green’ Achievement

Eco-Schools USA logo

Feb 24- P.S. 154 was recognized with the Green Flag by National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA program for conserving natural resources and integrating environmental education into the curriculum. P.S. 154 is the second school in New York City, and only the 21st in the country, to achieve “Green Flag” status.

“We at National Wildlife Federation and Eco-Schools USA are proud of the example set by the students and teachers at P.S. 154,” said Emily Fano, New York City outreach manager for NWF’s Eco-Schools USA program. “The Green Flag award places P.S. 154 among an elite group of schools across the country that are improving their schools by reducing energy costs and waste, greening school grounds, and nurturing student-scientists through hands-on learning.”

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NWF in the news:

CNN: Discussing the Keystone Pipeline

A ruling could have consequences for the future of the Keystone Pipeline.  John Hofmeister and Joshua Saks discuss.

Great Falls Tribune: Conrad senior to meet Interior Secretary Jewell

Rebecca Brown, a 17-year-old senior at Conrad High School, will meet today in Washington, D.C. with President Barack Obama’s Interior Secretary, Sally Jewell, to discuss her love of public lands in Montana.

HGTV Gardens: 17 Outstanding Owl Photos

Use this handy guide to identify hoots hanging around your garden.

WWL 105.3 FM: Wind, Turbines, and Hurricanes

Tommy talks to Dr. Stephen Rose, a wind power expert with Carnegie Mellon, and David Muth, the Louisiana State Director for the National Wildlife Federation, about a new study on wind turbines and hurricanes

Wyoming Tribune: For the Future: Wyoming teen wins national conservation award

The Rock Springs teenager wrote recently about her time fishing in the Little Mountain area in southwest Wyoming. Her essay, called “Public Lands and Me,” was one of five across the country to win a youth writing contest sponsored by Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development.

Minnesota Post: Mining opponents tread on the property rights of all Minnesota citizens

“It is building alliances not only in Minnesota but with national conservation groups such as the National Wildlife Federation, The Wilderness Society and the Center for Biological Diversity, and will seek to mobilize the BWCA’s national constituency.”

The Examiner: Family Time: Gadgets and great outdoors can co-exist

A new National Wildlife Federation report shows that kids’ media habits can both positively and negatively impact health, and provides real-world advice to help parents serve as positive role models and teach children to use technology in moderation.