RenaissanceRe, Leader in Disaster Risk Mitigation

Image courtesy of RenaissanceRe This year, National Wildlife Federation is proud to present our Award for Corporate Leadership to RenaissanceRe!

RenRe envisions itself not just as a reinsurance company, but as a “positive force for change.” By educating the public and supporting research to improve mitigation techniques, RenRe strives to strengthen storm-exposed communities, decrease injuries and fatalities from storms, decrease damage to properties, and lessen pollution and impact to natural habitats.

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Risk Mitigation Leadership Forum Series

Through a series of conferences, RenRe’s Risk Sciences Foundation is bringing together leaders in the field to advance efforts to safeguard our communities. At its “Build it Better Forum” in May 2013, academics, scientists, conservationists, and public and private sector representatives gathered to discuss what could be learned from Hurricane Sandy about preparing for severe weather events.

While participants at the forum shared lessons and strategies going forward, they also celebrated their successes.

“While we face daunting challenges,” Stephen Weinstein, chairman of the Risk Sciences Foundation told the Forum, “the participants at this Forum reminded us to be inspired by our many successes. For example, Florida’s My Safe Florida Home retrofit grant program has helped more than 25,000 households . . . In North Carolina families have moved to safer ground and high risk areas have been transformed for community use and natural habitats.”

Participants left the forum with a call to action. Recognizing that there are clear steps to take towards improving the resilience of our communities, the priority of disaster safety leaders from there on out, it was agreed, was to call on policymakers to implement those measures.

Epcot “StormStruck” Attraction a Unique Approach to Conveying Impacts

StormStruck at Walt Disney World, photo courtesy of StormStruck
StormStruck at Walt Disney World, photo courtesy of StormStruck
As part of an off-the-beaten-path approach to educating the public, RenaissanceRe is a sponsor of the award-winning Walt Disney World attraction StormStruck: A Tale of Two Homes, described as “an interactive weather experience” at Epcot®.

The attraction features a simulated 4-D wind storm and an opportunity for participants to try to build a home that can withstand the storm. Using interactive games, StormStruck is designed to teach children and their families about storms and ways to minimize risk to property. You can even play one of their games with this free app! Who says storm preparedness can’t be fun?

Revolutionizing Wind Research

RenaissanceRe is deeply committed to advancing scientific research to improve disaster preparedness. Through a partnership with WeatherPredict Consulting and the International Hurricane Research center at Florida International University in Miami, RenRe has developed a “Wall of Wind.” The Wall of Wind has revolutionized wind engineering research by replicating a Category 4 hurricane in  laboratory setting on full-scale buildings. Check out a video about the Wall of Wind here!

As extreme weather events in this era of climate change present our communities with unprecedented challenges, RenaissanceRe’s leadership in disaster risk mitigation is essential.

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