Celebrate National Frog Month with 10 Frog-tastic Activities for Kids

Did you know April is National Frog Month? Frogs are amazing amphibians, and they should be celebrated! Need inspiration? Then check out these 10 frog-tastic activities you and your kids can enjoy all month long. Go ahead and click the images below—hop to it!

10 frog activities for National Frog Month

1.  Observe frogs in a pond.

Finding frogs in a nearby pond and observing them through their life cycle is fascinating fun!

2.  Play frog hopscotch.

frog hopscotch game
Enjoy a froggie version of hopscotch!

3.  Make a frog mask.

frog mask
Pretend to be a frog and catch tasty bugs with this frog mask!

4.  Tell friends some froggie funnies.

froggie funnies riddles
They’ll “croak” up when they hear these ribbiting riddles!

5. Learn 6 fun facts about treefrogs.

Sure, you know a frog when you see one. But can you recognize a TREEfrog?

6. Join Ranger Rick on a frog adventure.

Ranger Rick's Adventures about frogs
Help Ranger Rick and his friends solve the missing frogs mystery!

7. Play frog games and puzzles.

Ranger Rick amphibian games
These amphibian games are TOADally awesome!

8. Create a colorful frog.

frog drawing

9. Make a tasty watermelon frog prince.

Your friends will JUMP for joy when they see this fruit-filled frog!

10. Turn an avocado into frog guacamole.

frog guacamole

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save frog daySave the Frogs!

Frogs are in trouble. There aren’t as many of certain species as there once were, and a few kinds have gone extinct. But you can help them by participating in Save the Frogs Day on April 25. Go to savethefrogs.com to learn more.