As one of the editors for Ranger Rick magazine, I get to create lots of kid-friendly crafts and recipes. Since autumn is my favorite time of the year, coming up with fun activities for Halloween is the best part of my job!

If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, here are some of my ideas for spooky snacks and creepy decorations. All of them have appeared in the pages of Ranger Rick, and they’re frightfully easy to make, too. Go ahead and click on the images below—if you dare!

Gruesome Specimen Jars

Turn your old jars into specimens for your mad lab this Halloween–if you have the guts!

Eerie Egg-Carton Eyeball Cups

eerie eyes 695
Here’s a fun and eye-opening way to recycle your cardboard egg cartons.

Creepy-Crawly Spiders and Egg Sac

Be sure to warn your party guests about this decoration if they suffer from arachnophobia!

 Batty Branches

bat tree 237x369
Your friends will go batty when they see this fly-by-night Halloween decoration!

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halloween party