Sweet Treats for Wildlife Lovers

Winter has arrived in full force across much of the United States. It’s cold, dark, and, by my estimate, miserable outside, so why not treat yourself to some candy? When the winter blues strike, not just any candy will do. Any wildlife lover would be thrilled to chow down on sugary treats that also look like the animals we know and love. Check out the following options for satisfying your sweet tooth and your love of critters:

Wildlife Gummies

For fans of fruity and chewy candies, gummy bears and worms are staples of the candy jar. But for a fun, wildlife twist, shark gummies exist! The blue and white gummies are basically the same as other gummy candy, but shaped like a shark. For your non-predator-shaped candy needs, penguin  and turtle gummies are also an option. Shark, penguin, and turtle gummies get along pretty nicely, unlike their real world counterparts would. If you’d rather cuddle a shark than eat one, you can adopt your very own Great White Shark!

gummy shark turtle and penguin
Photo by Courtney Hyde (NWF).

Chocolate Hedgehogs

If you’re looking to dine on a chocolatey treat, why not reach for the chocolate hedgehogs? Not only are they adorable (seriously, Google them – they’re almost too cute to eat), but they boast a creamy hazelnut filling. Real life hedgehogs do not have a soft gooey center; instead, they have a champion digestive system that will eat almost anything – bird eggs, snakes, insects, and basically anything else they come across.

YouTube video

Candy Bats

If you miss the haunted fun of Halloween, candy bats are the best way to indulge your spooky side and still get in some quality wildlife time. The tiny orange and black bats are crunchy and fruity – I guess that makes them fruit bats! (I apologize for that terrible joke.)

Fruit bat hangs in Kenya by Jenna Parker.
Fruit bat hangs in Kenya by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Jenna Parker.

Chocolate Alligators

They’re chocolate, they’re spiny, and they dig holes in the mud to trap heat – they’re chocolate alligators! Okay, the chocolate kind doesn’t have the ability to dig holes, but they are delicious and somewhat exclusive. Chocolate alligators, much like the real kind, are difficult to find outside of the southeast United States, so if you want to enjoy them, you’ll need to take to the internet or book a vacation to Florida. (As if you needed a reason to plan a Florida vacation.)

chocolate alligator
Special shoutout to my newly married best friend for taking this photo for me! Not all of us can live in Florida within driving distance of a store that sells chocolate gators. Photo by Andrea Vtipil Rankin.

Looking for more tasty treats with a wildlife theme?

You could make a veggie scarecrow or a jack-o-lantern quesadilla!  Head over to the recipes section of Wildlife Promise for more deliciousness.

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Published: January 9, 2015