New Seattle Community Wildlife Habitat

Across the nation, National Wildlife Federation’s Community Wildlife Habitat program encourages citizen leaders to take action for wildlife in their own communities. The program provides these leaders with a framework and resources to restore wildlife habitat and educate and engage community members by following the tenets of NWF’s Garden for Wildlife program. Recently, Groundswell NW, a community team working to conserve wildlife in Seattle, registered for NWF’s esteemed certification as a wildlife-friendly community. As a registrant, they are formally working in partnership with NWF to get certified.

The newly registered Community Wildlife Habitat Team, NW Seattle: "Groundswell NW" led by Jan Satterthwaite. Photo by Jan Satterthwaite
The newly registered Community Wildlife Habitat Team, NW Seattle: “Groundswell NW” led by Jan Satterthwaite. Photo by Jan Satterthwaite

The Northwest Seattle Community, comprised of the Ballard, Phinney Ridge & Greenlake neighborhoods, contains a wide diversity of people, places and environs. Ballard (originally settled in 1853) still boasts a maritime centric atmosphere with fishers and boat builders, many of Scandinavian descent. Greenlake, with a user friendly fresh water lake and high Walk Score, draws individuals and families with an outdoor fitness focus. Phinney Ridge, a neighborhood on a physical ridge separating Ballard from Greenlake, was named after Guy C. Phinney, who turned a large portion of his estate on the ridge, including a private zoological menagerie, into Woodland Park Zoo.

Residents in Northwest Seattle are passionate about retaining open space, parks, and sustainability awareness. Open space and parks provide important habitat for local Northwest wildlife in an increasingly dense urban environment. Northwest Seattle is known for its community activism, with many non-profit groups providing valuable community services, including Groundswell NW, Sustainable Ballard, Greenways, Phinney Association, and several P-Patches and Farmers Markets.

NWF’s Northern Rockies and Pacific Regional Center, located in Seattle, is very excited to welcome this new team as they will fill a much needed corridor in the Seattle metro area!

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