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P-22, the lonely mountain lion of Hollywood, faces enormous challenges. Isolated from his kin in the Santa Monica Mountains by the urban landscape of Los Angeles, he has survived by traversing dangerous highways and learning to coexist with his human neighbors near Griffith Park.

Yet despite his remarkable journey, and his ability to adapt to a landscape dominated by humans, he still faces threats. He was recently sickened by rat poison and suffered from a bad case of mange. Fortunately, he was saved by biologists who trapped and treated him, restoring him from near death back to health.

Artist Wendy Pini has captured the spirit of hope symbolized by P-22’s recovery with the help of human intervention in an exclusive, limited edition print. She and her husband Richard Pini are the creators of the ground-breaking, New York Times bestselling comic series ElfQuest. Through her beautiful, sepia-toned illustration of P-22, Pini captures the message that mountain lions, and indeed all wildlife, can only have a strong future if humans care enough to protect them and their habitat.

Wendy Pini P22 Print Watermark FINALToday, P-22 is healthy and thriving – but could easily be poisoned again, sickened by mange or hit by a car while searching for food or a mate. It’s up to us to continue caring and supporting efforts to protect and coexist with wildlife like P-22.

The National Wildlife Federation’s #SaveLACougars campaign aims to build the largest wildlife crossing in the world over the busy 101 Freeway in P-22’s honor so his mountain lion kin — who might vanish from the area because of the same threats P-22 faces – can have a future in the Santa Monica Mountains. The crossing will also benefit countless other wildlife species struggling to survive in the greater Los Angeles ecosystem.

A limited number of signed 18 x 24 inch prints of Pini’s illustration are available exclusively through the Save LA Cougars shop. All proceeds from the sale of the print support the National Wildlife Federation’s #SaveLACougars campaign to make sure that P-22 and the mountain lions of the Santa Monica Mountains have a strong future.

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Published: August 26, 2016