Wildlife Win for Protecting Monarch Butterfly Habitat

We/you spoke up, and Congress listened! A Senate committee was headed for a crucial vote next week on S. 517, a bill that would have weakened clean air protections and harmed wildlife and water. Conservation voices like the National Wildlife Federation and our affiliates around the country rose up to say, “Enough is enough.”

Our voices were heard loud and clear. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee decided to pull S. 517 once it became clear that there were not enough votes to pass it.

Stopping this bill for now is a major victory for protecting wildlife habitat, clean water and public health. It would have put more corn ethanol in our gasoline, which could have worsened air quality in much of the country and led to the destruction of potentially millions of acres of grassland habitat for monarchs and other species in order to grow more corn.

Now that the immediate threat to make things worse is over, it is time for Congress to tackle reforming the corn ethanol mandate already on the books so we can protect habitats and help bring monarchs and honey bees back from the brink.

Take ActionCongress needs to hear that you want changes that will help the monarch. Please send them a message today.