Wildlife Alert: Is Your Member of Congress on The List?

Ask your Representative to Cosponsor the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (updated 11/27/2018)

If you like wildlife, and if you care that we protect America’s wildlife for generations to come, then make sure your Member of Congress is on The List – specifically, the cosponsor list for Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (H.R. 4647)!

Current Cosponsors of Recovering America’s Wildlife Act:
(listed alphabetically by state after original sponsors)

(Don’t see your member on this list? ASK THEM to join!)

Americans Like Wildlife

The fact is, a lot of Americans care deeply about wildlife. Beyond the reasons we know to be true but are hard to quantify (what’s more American than a bald eagle soaring over a landscape of mountains and amber waves of grain?), here are a few numbers that demonstrate just how much Americans care for wildlife:

Still not convinced? Here are some even more specific examples:

  • A single black-backed oriole contributed nearly $224,000 to Berks County, Pennsylvania when more than 1,800 birdwatchers from across the country flocked to see it at the suburban backyard birdfeeder where it was spotted in January 2017.
  • 2016’s massive die-off of mountain whitefish resulted in the closure of an 183 mile section of Yellowstone River, resulting in an economic loss to businesses in Park County, Montana of up to $524,000.
Found in America’s western grasslands, the swift fox now only occupies 40% of its former range. Photo by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

But right now, we are in the midst of a wildlife crisis. One-third of all wildlife across America are at increased risk of extinction, with a whopping 8,000 species identified as in urgent need of conservation efforts by state wildlife agencies. From migratory birds, to bees and butterflies, to frogs and salamanders, to bats and rabbit-like pikas, to tortoises and even freshwater mussels—once abundant populations of our nation’s most diverse fish and wildlife are now facing steep declines because of habitat loss, disease, or other threats.

Logically, then: if Americans love wildlife, and with America’s wildlife at a crisis point, then Americans’ representatives in Congress must care about protecting wildlife.

So once again – is your member of Congress on the list to cosponsor Recovering America’s Wildlife Act? Reach out today and get your representative on the list!

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