Three Ways to Take Action for Monarch Butterflies

Did you know it takes an average of 29 milkweed plants to assure one adult monarch butterfly reaches adulthood? Monarch populations have fallen by 90 percent from habitat loss, pesticides, climate change and specifically lack of milkweeds.  Milkweed is the only host for the caterpillars. In addition, we strive to protect and restore wildflowers rich in nectar to fuel the butterfly adults. But you can help!

Three Actions for Monarchs

1. Show your support for the Mid-America Monarch Conservation Strategy The plan calls for a 20-year commitment to planting 1.3 billion milkweeds along their perilous 3,000-mile migratory pathway from Canada to Mexico. Before May 31, the deadline for public comments, let the Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies know you support the goals and states working together in a regional approach to conserve monarchs before it’s too late to recover them. Act now.

Act Now for Monarchs

The Mid America strategy came from Monarch Butterfly Summits convened across a 16 state region to create the best state plans possible. Each summit fell within the butterfly’s central flyway stretching from Texas to Minnesota.

The monarch summits attracted rural and urban dwellers to the same table. Farmers, ranchers, gardeners, hunters, utility companies, agribusiness, butterfly enthusiasts, conservationists, agency staff, scientists, and more all teamed up with one goal—solving the monarch butterfly crisis.

Imagine the result—beautiful and essential native wildflowers and grasslands sweeping along the butterfly’s migration path across every ownership, from a city park to a huge ranch. The butterfly soars and so do pollinators that are critical to our food supply.

2. Celebrate 45 years of NWF’s Garden for Wildlife by planting native milkweeds in your yard or property this season. You likely live in a place where milkweeds could attract monarchs – confirm by viewing this map. Join individuals, groups, states, and regional efforts in one of the grandest conservation efforts to save a species!

Garden for Wildlife

3. Heading out to plant some milkweed? Just one more action please!

Before you head out with your trowel in hand, please take a moment to lend your support to the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act—a bipartisan bill in Congress now that would help monarch butterflies and a third of America’s wildlife in trouble, too.

Take Action
monarch butterfly
Monarch butterfly. Photo Mary Windhorst.