Protecting the Jaguar – One Company at a Time

In the tropical rainforests and swamplands of Central and South America, prowls the third-largest cat in the world (and largest in the Americas): the jaguar. These rosette-spotted creatures are said to have earned their name from the indigenous word ‘Yaguara’, which means “he who kills with one leap”.

As a powerful apex predator and keystone species with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, they provide a crucial role in their ecosystem: without jaguars, herbivore species in Central and South America would likely devastate surrounding plant life. Sadly, deforestation is an ongoing threat to their survival.

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Credit: Kairos15/WikiCommons.

One of the main threats to the survival of this powerful feline is habitat destruction.  Jaguars thrive in areas of tropical forests, and depend on all of the resources forests provide, such as food, shelter, and water. When those forests are cleared for commercial agriculture, jaguars are threatened.

As our global population has risen, the demand for our everyday goods has increased and placed unnecessary pressure on jaguar habitat. Large areas of forest are being cut, burned and cleared to make way for agriculture – threatening the survival of this predator. In the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado, two of the main jaguar habitats, cattle and soy expansion has led to large losses of natural vegetation.

Thankfully, unsustainable agricultural expansion can be prevented by bringing together all parts of the production chain to make significant and long-lasting changes. Agricultural expansion can continue without threatening the jaguar. The actors that are involved in the production, shipping, and selling of cattle and soy products are beginning to understand that the market is shifting, influenced by the voices of informed, eco-friendly consumers across the world. And that’s where you can help!

Let’s all tell our favorite brands and retailers that we demand products made without habitat destruction!

By showing your favorite brands and retailers that you care about habitat destruction, you can make an important difference to help save the jaguar! We have put together a pledge that will help you demonstrate to companies that you value “zero-deforestation” products. We will send you updates on how to actively engage with companies – these updates will provide you with actions that you can take to protect forests and unique species like the jaguar.

Published: June 21, 2018