For the Future of Denver’s Parks, Natural Areas and Wildlife – Vote YES on 2A

When we think about nature and the great outdoors in Colorado the places that come to mind are often our world-famous mountains, national parks and forests. Though, for so many Coloradans we experience nature in our neighborhoods among our city parks and open spaces. These green spaces provide a vital link for Front Range residents to enjoy the outdoors with our friends and family as well as providing habitat for many species of wildlife from red-winged blackbirds and monarch butterflies to foxes and jack rabbits that find refuge among city waterways and natural areas.

Cheesman Park. Credit: R0uge/WikiCommons

Denver metro area communities are known for our parks and green spaces. Bike trails along metro rivers and creeks link our communities together and provide urban wildlife habitat. While the network of city and county parks ensure that no matter where you live, a shady spot to spend some time outside is never very far away.

It may surprise you that of all the metro area counties only one has no dedicated funding to care for our parks and natural areas – the City and County of Denver. The good news is that Denver voters can rectify that this November by voting YES on Measure 2A.

Pledge now to vote YES on Measure 2A


If passed, Measure 2A will dedicate a 0.25 percent sales-and-use tax to support parks, trails, creeks, rivers, and open space. That funding would be used to acquire new land for parks and other natural areas and to improve the ones we already have. It would also restore rivers, canals and creeks, and plant and maintain trees. In short, Measure 2A would protect Denver’s natural spaces for all of us.

The measure ensures funds will be spent on Denver’s parks and not on administrative costs, which are capped at 5%. It is estimated that 70% of that revenue generated would come from tourists and visitors to our city. To learn more about this important measure visit the Yes for Denver Parks website.

We’ve seen substantial growth over the past decade and we need to ensure Denver’s parks are not neglected as the city continues to grow. Our greenspaces and waterways truly make our city such a desirable place to live and work. I hope you will join me in pledging to support Measure 2A and help spread the word to your friends and neighbors to vote YES on 2A.

Washington Park. Credit: National Park Service.