20,000 Americans to Trump Administration: Protect Pronghorn from Methane Pollution

Methane is a climate-disrupting “super-pollutant” and a potent greenhouse gas. Under the Obama Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency set regulations to limit the amount of methane that was to be released from oil and gas extraction. Methane regulation was a win for pronghorn, whose habitat is destroyed by oil and gas development, and bighorn sheep, whose habitat was already being affected by climate change-fueled drought. However, the Trump Administration is proposing to roll back these regulations.

The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund collected more than 20,000 comments from Americans concerned about the human and wildlife impacts of rolling back these methane restrictions, urging Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to keep the common-sense pollution restrictions in place.

Read what a few friends of wildlife had to say:

“This summer I was selected to attend the Yellowstone Forever STEAM 2 training for teachers. We were lucky to be able to see pronghorn antelope as well as many other unique animals in the Lamar Valley region. The wildlife are an amazing resource that people from around the world climb out of tour buses to view because they are our national treasure. I would like my elementary students to have an opportunity to see the Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons filled with our amazing flora and fauna. Even though I am from Connecticut and not a Montana or Wyoming resident, I value the health of both the animals and the citizens living in Big Sky County. Unfortunately, we need oil products however, please support and not limit the EPA’s pollution protections. I realize that President Trump is trying to protect our national business interests. But I think we can ‘Make America Great Again’ and have a healthy environment.” – Janice, Rocky Hill, CT

“Wildlife are at the mercy of human decisions/actions, so we must be diligent about taking the right steps to meet our needs while not adversely affecting our land, water and air.” – Martha, Wallowa, OR

“The wildlife in our country faces new challenges every day. Our government should not add to their struggle.” – L.J.J., Edison, NJ

“Pronghorns are on our eastern prairies in Colorado and an asset to nature. Stop your methane pollution which would be of great danger to them, and to all in the path of the gas. We need sun, wind and natural power. Our weather is changing, and we are at the mercy of what humans have done to make that happen.” – Donna, Colorado Springs, CO

“When was the last time you walked on the trails in parks or national forests with pristine lakes? With EPA rules in place we are protected to breathe fresh clean air and I for one would love to keep it that way. In [fact], I wish the EPA would offer trees to every citizen to plant in their yards. Anywhere we can to help this earth we love.” – Joanne, Seattle, WA

“It is difficult to watch the agencies that are supposed to protect our wild ecosystems do the opposite, time and time again.  ” – Julie, Encinitas, CA

We at the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund are extremely grateful to the thousands of friends of wildlife who submitted comments asking the EPA to protect our climate and the wildlife that depend on a stable climate to survive. Your voice matters! Please continue standing up for wildlife in the face of continued threats to environmental and climate protections.

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