Tell Your Members of Congress to be Wildlife Champions this Year!

With a new Congress comes a renewed chance to save America’s vulnerable wildlife and stop the destruction of our wild public lands, healthy waterways and a stable climate.

Tell your senators and member of the House of Representatives to be champions for wildlife in 2019.


Today, one third of all wildlife species in the United States are at increased risk of extinction, including hundreds of bird species, more than a third of freshwater fish species, forty percent of amphibians, and nearly one in five mammals. And every day, a growing number of species face new challenges to their long-term survival.

Species like the bald eagle continue to face the ongoing threats of toxic pollution and the continued loss of habitat.

But Congress has the power to change the future for America’s wildlife and put at-risk species on a path to recover and thrive within our lifetimes. How? By prioritizing the following in every decision they make and every vote they take in 2019:

Recover and save wildlife

Protect clean water

Safeguard wild public lands

Act on climate

Your Wildlife Champions Message, Delivered In Person

bald eagle plushie
Your message delivered with a bald eagle plushie will remind members of Congress to be wildlife champions this year!

We’re going to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to deliver “Be a Wildlife Champion” cards with bald eagle plushies to the office of every senator and every member of Congress.  And we need the strength of as many voices as possible speaking out from every state to send along with the call for wildlife champions in Congress.

Please add your name to the cards for YOUR representative and YOUR senators, urging them to be champions for wildlife in 2019.

We look forward to delivering your messages to Capitol Hill and, as always, thank you for everything you do for wildlife.