National Wildlife Federation Supports Global Youth Calling for Climate Action

Last week, millions of youth and adult activists around the globe participated in the largest climate protest in recent history: the Global Climate Strike. Students walked out of their schools – often with full support from their parents, teachers, and administrators – and were joined by adults in climate marches calling for transformative climate action.

The National Wildlife Federation provides climate science, solutions and resilience curricula and programs to support student engagement throughout the year and proudly supported the student-led strike. Many staff in regional offices around the country joined the marches in their nearest cities. In some places, Ranger Rick himself even made an appearance!

National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA program proudly encourages climate literacy, project based learning and civic engagement  among students. Students of all ages from Eco-Schools in New York City, Ft. Lauderdale, St. Paul, Boston, Houston, and Seattle made speeches, marched with banners, planted trees, cleaned beaches and called on their elected leaders to support bold solutions to fight climate change and protect people and wildlife affected by its impacts with the urgency the science calls for. 

Enjoy these photos  of youth advocates and National Wildlife Federation regional staff lending their voices to the climate crisis:

“Climate change is my future, my brother’s future, and my friends’ future. It’s a personal issue for me. It’s impactful when we make the issue about ourselves. We’re more likely to act and for there to be change.”

– Emma Kavanaugh, Broward County, Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

“I want to show that I and other students care about climate change legislation. That we are not disengaged from society and only concerned about our social status – that we want a future.” 

– Madison Harding, 9th grade student at St. Catherine’s Montessori School, Houston, TX

“The existential threat of our generation is present in every industry and to every life on this planet. I am using my voice to ensure that I and the billions of kids who have come before me and come after me are not subject to the climate horrors that a select few with wealth and power are perpetrating every day.”

– Azalea Danes, 16 years old

We are so inspired by the climate activism and energy we’ve seen in the Climate Strike and Climate Week. But climate action doesn’t stop here – now we need our elected leaders to make real change. Urge your governor and members of Congress to take action on climate today!

Take Action!