3 Virtual Ways to Visit Public Gardens This Spring

Just because you’re planted at home, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the blossoming beauty of spring gardens! 

You may have heard of the Garden For Wildlife program, and you may even have your own Certified Wildlife Habitat® at home, but did you know you that there are over 75 public gardens across the country designated as Certified Public Gardens by the National Wildlife Federation?

Spring sunshine on robin’s plantain at the U.S. Botanic Garden—one of over 75 Certified Public Gardens across the country. Photo: U.S. Botanic Garden

These gardens provide wildlife gardeners with ideas for layered native plantings, unique habitat features, and a multitude of native plant inspirations. 

No matter where you’re currently rooted, you can virtually visit a Certified Public Garden right now. Here’s how:

Take a Hike!

The Spring 2020 Walk-Through of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens takes you on a tour of the stunning views, colorful collections, and (with a little imagination) fragrant fauna, of their favorite spring plantings.

Listen In

In addition to other online learning materials such as their online classes and fun family craft projects, the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge, MA also offers weekly online episodes of the Growing Greener Podcast hosted by volunteer Thomas Christopher. 

If you’re an environmentally-minded gardener, you are sure to be interested in interviews with gardening experts featuring tips for making “your personal landscape healthier, more beautiful, more sustainable, and more fun.” Tune in every Wednesday!

Backyard to Bowl Recipies

Learn delicious recipes from garden-to-table cooking demonstrations from the United States Botanic Garden. Follow along with the Cook sisters each week as they share their favorite springtime recipes and ideas on what you can start growing at home for culinary crafting.

Cooking Demo: Rosemary lavender lemon shortbread

Cooking with herbs adds flavor to almost anything, from soups to salad and even a decadent, buttery shortbread. Join Danielle for this online demonstration as she shares an aromatic, indulgent shortbread recipe featuring rosemary, lavender, and lemon. Then join Adrienne for a short tutorial on growing herbs in pots. Find this recipe and other cooking demos at www.USBG.gov/Cooking

Posted by U.S. Botanic Garden on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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