Melissa Samet, Legal Director, Water Resources and Coasts

An otter (dark brown with small ears) pokes its mouth into the water.

Restored: Your Voice for Wildlife

The National Environmental Policy Act is the nation’s most fundamental tool for properly vetting the impacts of major federal projects on wildlife, our environment, and people; for identifying less environmentally … Read more

Apalachicola River. Photo Credit: Matthew Godwin

Protecting the Apalachicola – A National Treasure

The Apalachicola River and its floodplain form an incredibly rich system of exceptional ecological importance.  The river is home to an astounding 131 species of fish, the largest number in … Read more

What Else Could Taxpayers Get For $165 Million?

Wednesday is Tax Day. Across the country, millions of Americans are sitting down and taking stock of exactly how much we owe the IRS. Most Americans don’t want the federal … Read more

Harbor Seals

Saving a California Treasure

If you’re anything like me, it wouldn’t take much to convince you that commercial oyster operations should be removed from the heart of a National Park as soon as possible—especially … Read more