2018 Budget

Save Our ______

As Congress and the White House continue the process of crafting the Fiscal Year 2018 budget, funding for environmental and other federal programs essential to protecting wildlife, maintaining our clean …

President’s Budget Leaves Gulf Coast Restoration Out to Dry

Just in time for hurricane season, the Trump Administration has proposed a Fiscal Year 2018 budget that would leave the Gulf coast even more vulnerable to extreme weather and sea …

Budget Cuts in Energy Programs Undermine Wildlife

Budgets reflect priorities and values.  On renewable energy and science, the Administration’s proposed budget reflect the wrong priorities and the wrong values for wildlife. Instead of continuing and growing investment …

What the Federal Budget Means for Wildlife: Imperiled Coastlines

Millions of people live or recreate along the beautiful coastline of the United States. And hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish rely on coastal habitats for food, …

What’s at Stake – Funding for Chesapeake Bay in Jeopardy

What the Federal Budget Means for Wildlife: Climate Change

Drastic Federal Budget Cuts Would Exacerbate America’s Wildlife Crisis

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