baby animals

Three-toed sloth, Costa Rica

Photo of the Day: A Slow Climb

Scott Nielsen was photographing butterflies in Costa Rica when he spotted a young three-toed sloth slowly descending from the tree top. Sloths live in the forest canopy, but they have … Read more

Common tern chick

Photo of the Day: Airborne

Common tern chick testing its wings Photo by Flickr member Lisa Franceski See more of Lisa Franceski’s photos on Flickr >> Your Photo Could Be Here We want one of … Read more

Mountain goat kids; Arapaho National Forest, Colorado

Photo of the Day: You Jump, I Jump

This Photo of the Day was donated by a participant in the annual National Wildlife Photo Contest. See more photos or sign up for the 42nd Annual National Wildlife Photo … Read more

Red fox father and kit; Pahaska, Wyoming

Photo of the Day: A Kiss For Dad

Happy Father’s Day! Who makes the best dad in the wild? Check out a list of the Top 10 Animal Dads┬áto find out. Or to see more adorable wildlife pics, … Read more

Bison calves by Glatz Nature Photography

Photo of the Day: Lean On Me

“Bison Calf Pillow” Photo by Flickr member Glatz Nature Photography See more photos by Glatz Nature Photography on Flickr >> Your Photo Could Be Here We want one of your … Read more

Red fox kit by William Wiley

Photo of the Day: Red Fox Kit

William Wiley got a tip on the location of a red fox den, and he set up a photo blind but had no luck on the first couple visits. On … Read more

Killdeer chick, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Photo of the Day: Killdeer Chick

More Adorable Wildlife Photos, Please. Vote for your favorite wildlife photos in the 2012 National Wildlife Photo Contest. Or enter your own by July 16th for a chance to win! … Read more

Great egret chicks in High Island, Texas

Photo of the Day: Great Egret Chicks’ Feeding Time

“Hey, where’s mine?” Create your own caption for this photo and share it with us in the comments! Or for more funny photos, check out our monthly Caption Contest in … Read more

Make Way for Ducklings in Washington, DC [VIDEO]

A wonderful children’s classic, Make Way for Ducklings, tells the story of a family of mallard ducks who make their home in Boston and face some challenges dealing with Boston … Read more

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