Gulf Coast

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Much Bigger Than Current Public Estimates?

BP originally said just 1,000 gallons per day were leaking from the Gulf Coast oil spill. Then on Wednesday, BP upped their estimate to 5,000 gallons per day. But now, …

The Big Ooze

Today, the Big Ooze meets the Big Easy and its surrounding marshes and communities along the Gulf coast. The horrific tragedy unfolds before us in slow motion. Unfortunately, the worst …

Friday AM Update on Gulf Coast Oil Spill

A quick roundup of morning news on the Gulf Coast oil spill: As the Associated Press reports, the things are going from bad to worse along the Gulf Coast, as …

Breaking: Gulf Coast Oil Spill Now Projected to Make Landfall Tonight

The oil spill forecast is now looking like some of the worst-case scenarios we’ve been hearing.

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Staying Away From Shore For Now

As the investigation continues into the oil rig blast that left 11 workers missing & presumed dead, crews are working to clean up the 42,000 gallons of oil per day …

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