HUNT Act Would Open Locked Public Lands

[8/1/2014 // By Russell Bassett]

Recreating outdoors—whether you fish, hunt, hike, camp, or all of the above—is not only a ton of fun, it’s also good for you. There is considerable evidence the exercise involved with these activities, coupled with the de-stressing benefits of being […] Read more >

National Forests Support Recreation Economy

Monarch Butterfly by Bernadette Banville

Get Ready For Monarch Migration

[8/1/2014 // By Laura Tangley]

If you spot monarch butterflies in your yard this month, there’s a good chance the eggs these insects are laying now will develop into the generation of adults that have made the monarch such an iconic species. Beginning in late […] Read more >

8 Tips to Protect Baby Turtles in Your Yard

Mule Deer

Coal Mines Threaten Mule Deer

[7/29/2014 // By Kassie Rohrbach]

UPDATE on 7/30:  BLM accepted a bid for $0.36/ton for the Spruce Stomp coal mine. Its worth noting that the coal company, Bowie Resources, can plan to turn around and sell this coal for $36.50 per ton. Mule Deer populations have […] Read more >

Coloradans Want Browns Canyon to be the Next National Monument

Weekly News Roundup: A Win for Northeast Wildlife and More

[7/25/2014 // By Linda Argueta]

Thanks to the astounding public support from the South Portland, Maine community, wildlife in the northeast U.S. are safer than ever. With a 6-to-1 vote, the South Portland City Council passed the Clear Skies Ordinance on Monday, to stand up […] Read more >

Weekly News Roundup: NWF’s Photo Contest Deadline Extended and more Getting Wildlife (Safely) to the Other Side of the Road

A moose passes through Pierce Pond in Maine. South Portland's City Council this week showed that local communities can band together in powerful ways to stand up for themselves and their wildlife. Photo credit: Flickr user Michael Lepore.

Tar Sands Vote in Maine Shows Communities Can Stand Up For Wildlife and Win Big

[7/22/2014 // By Annie Mackin]

The people of South Portland, Maine, made historic news last night. Based on overwhelming vocal public concern about the dangers of toxic tar sands to wildlife and the community, the City Council passed an ordinance that prevents the Portland Pipe […] Read more >

Obama Administration Announces Progress for Offshore Wind Power in New Jersey Meeting of Governors and Premiers a Big Opportunity for Northeast Wildlife

forest fire truck

Wildfire Season in Full Swing

[7/18/2014 // By Frank Sturges]

Wildfire season is in full swing and states across the West are starting to feel the burn. From the over 20,000 acre Mills Canyon fire in Washington to a wildfire in a remote Wilderness Area in the Sequoia National Forest in California, sparks are […] Read more >

Bright Future for Renewables on Public Lands Stand with Sportsmen and Conservationists for Clean Water


How to Get Kids Hooked on Fishing and Create Future Conservationists

[7/15/2014 // By Russell Bassett]

For many good reasons, fishing is one of the country’s most popular pastime activities, with roughly 50 million Americans pursuing hundreds of different fish species on countless different waterbodies each year. The sport of angling offers excellent opportunities to strengthen family bonds […] Read more >

Weekly News Roundup: It’s Pollinator Week and more! Easy Ways To Celebrate June As Great Outdoors Month

p13 kittens NPS

Good News for Los Angeles Mountain Lions! CalTrans Pursuing Wildlife Crossing

[7/29/2014 // By Beth Pratt]

The now famous P22, the mountain lion who crossed two eight-lane freeways to find a new home, has captured the imagination of people in Los Angeles and beyond with his perilous journey and current plight. Trapped by the same freeways […] Read more >

Good News for Los Angeles Mountain Lions! CalTrans Pursuing Wildlife Crossing Opossums and Gardening: A Few Things to Know