Anna's Hummingbird Nest

Video Diary: One Tiny Hummingbird Family

[4/21/2015 // By Guest Author]

If you don’t already have an obsessive devotion for hummingbirds like I do, beware: this might change your mind. Hummingbirds are among the worlds smallest and fastest birds. Darting and diving through the sky at faster-than-the-eye speeds that can make even […] Read more >

Weekly News Roundup: Standing up for Wetlands, Streams & more!

Red knots feeding on horseshoe crab eggs. Photo by Greg Breese, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Saving the Beach to Save the Red Knot

[4/17/2015 // By Grant LaRouche]

For some, New Jersey is paved, industrial, and polluted, but for the rufa red knot, New Jersey is life or death. Each year the red knot makes an awe-inspiring migration of 9,000 miles from the Arctic to the southern tip […] Read more >

What Else Could Taxpayers Get For $165 Million?

Photo by Scott Landseidel

Finding a Fawn: What To Do

[4/15/2015 // By David Mizejewski]

Every springtime, the National Wildlife Federation gets numerous emails and phone calls from concerned people asking the following question: “I found an abandoned fawn! Where can I take it?” The answer is almost always the same: The fawn isn’t abandoned and […] Read more >

Western Monarchs: Why 1 Percent Matters

Weekly News Roundup: Wildlife Still Struggling and more

[4/3/2015 // By Linda Argueta]

Gulf wildlife are still suffering five years after the devastating Deepwater Horizon disaster, according to a new report by the National Wildlife Federation. Five Years & Counting: Gulf Wildlife in the Aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster explains how Gulf […] Read more >

Waking the Giant: NWF Rallies Around Core Beliefs Weekly News Roundup: Send us your wildlife questions and more

Offshore wind turbines (photo: London Array)

The Department of Energy’s New Vison on Wind Power

[4/2/2015 // By Jenny Rowland]

The future of the U.S. energy supply is looking blustery – and that’s a good thing! On March 12th, the Department of Energy (DOE) released a new report titled Wind Vision: A New Era for Wind Power in the United […] Read more >

NWF and West Virginia Rivers Coalition Act to Protect West Virginia’s Mountains and Streams First U.S. Offshore Wind Turbines Fully Financed for 2015 Construction

Barred owl

National Wildlife Week: Charlotte Attracts Extraordinary Wildlife Through Community Habitats

[3/9/2015 // By Jessie Yuhaniak]

In 2013, the Charlotte Reconnecting Ourselves with Nature (CROWN) chapter of North Carolina Wildlife Federation launched the Charlotte Naturally initiative to get the city certified as a Community Wildlife Habitat.  Their efforts have paid off — the city has now […] Read more >

Five Tips for Nesting Box Success Support Clean Water for Maryland’s Wildlife

Otter Swimming with Plastic Bottle

A NYC Eco-Schools Teacher Helps Her Classroom Go Plastic-Free

[4/9/2015 // By Guest Author]

The environment did not start out as a curriculum objective. It happened as a result of the principal’s insistence on integrating current events into our lessons. Different themes and concerns arose with different groups of students. Whatever they were invested in […] Read more >

First School in Texas to Earn National Award for Sustainability Initiatives! Kindergarteners Help Grow a Wild Brooklyn

International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park, Portland Oregon. Photo by InSapphoWeTrust, Flickr Creative Commons

Fun Parks to Visit in the Top 10 Cities for Wildlife

[3/11/2015 // By Abby Barber]

Parks are great places to get outdoors and see wildlife, especially in cities. Whether a park is 100 acres or 4000 acres, wildlife is sure to be found in the trees, on the ground, in the water – all over! […] Read more >

National Wildlife Week: Urban Wildlife Finds a Home in Albuquerque Who Goes There? Identifying Animal Tracks In Your Backyard