fanshell mussel

The Most Important Animals You May Never Notice

[9/23/2014 // By Guest Author]

When you peer through the surface of your local stream, you may not notice the mussels burrowed in the rocks.  These aquatic workhorses are key to keeping our streams and waterways clean. North America hosts the most diverse freshwater mussel […] Read more >

Weekly News Roundup: It Is Wilderness Week and More!

bighorn lamb and ewe

100,000 Acres for Wild Bighorns

[9/22/2014 // By Jane Kirchner]

Scores of wild bighorn sheep across the Northern Rockies are catching a devastating disease and dying within a few days or weeks. The bighorns are contracting deadly pneumonia from domesticated sheep that are grazing in important wildlife corridors and key […] Read more >

Weekly News Roundup: Help Save Our Red Wolves and more

Edna Lake in Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho

Celebrating 50 Years of American Wilderness

[9/17/2014 // By Emily Lande]

On September 3rd we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the passage of the Wilderness Act and this week, folks in DC are continuing that celebration in the only way we know how: by asking members of Congress to continue to […] Read more >

Why Leaves Fall from Trees in Autumn

NWF marching for wildlife #actonclimate

Heading to the People’s Climate March for Wildlife!

[9/9/2014 // By Samantha Lockhart]

On September 21st, I will be marching with climate activists from across the country in New York City to deliver a clear message: it is time to get serious about climate change. The event is called the People’s Climate March […] Read more >

State Department Approves Illegal Scheme for Doubling Tar Sands Flowing through the Great Lakes Weekly News Roundup: Outdoor Enthusiasts are Ticked Off and More

Nature play by Michelle Mathis of Learning Landscapes

Nature Play Coming to Every Community

[9/9/2014 // By Allen Cooper]

Every parent who has ever watched a child play in nature has cause to rejoice. NWF’s guide Nature Play & Learning Places: Creating and Managing Places Where Children Engage with Nature shows how to design and manage nature play areas […] Read more >

A Visual Journey Through the Monarch Life Cycle Welcoming Fall to Your Schoolyard Habitat

Bighorns on ledge

Take Action for Wild Bighorn Sheep at Risk

[9/3/2014 // By Jane Kirchner]

Right now, bighorn sheep who make their home in the mountains running through Idaho and Montana are at risk of disease transmission from domestic sheep grazing at a U.S. Department of Agriculture research facility in Idaho. For wild bighorn sheep, transmission of disease […] Read more >

The Economics of Public Lands National Forests Support Recreation Economy

Students at Paterson Academy in NJ grow their own healthy snacks!

4 School Year Resolutions for Going Green

[9/9/2014 // By Guest Author]

Guest post by Jessica Brown Back to school is the perfect time for making school year resolutions to go green. Habits developed in September can easily last throughout the year. By taking the time to discuss how our actions impact […] Read more >

Ranger Rick vs Rocket Raccoon My Days On The Bay

Flickr/ Martin Ely

Water Reclamation Area Becomes Certified Wildlife Habitat

[9/8/2014 // By Guest Author]

Guest Post by Lisa Limbert Tucked into the fast-growing city of Gilbert, Arizona, the Gilbert Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is a ground water reclamation project that was designed to be a recreation center for people and a habitat for […] Read more >

Water Reclamation Area Becomes Certified Wildlife Habitat Weekly News Roundup: Bighorn Sheep at Risk and more