Bison on Cheyenne River Stephen C. Torbit

Wild Bison’s Long-Awaited Homecoming Continues

[10/22/2014 // By Judith Kohler]

Two decades of work to restore wild bison across landscapes they once dominated continues to pay off. The latest good news is that Fort Peck in northeast Montana is getting more Yellowstone bison. The state Fish and Wildlife Commission has […] Read more >

Weekly News Roundup: A Victory for Bison!

p22 winter

A Mountain Lion’s Tinder Tale

[10/22/2014 // By Anne Goddard]

When the mountain lion “P-22”  journeyed from his home in California’s Santa Monica Mountains in search of new territory, he somehow made it across two eight-lane freeways and landed in the green spaces of LA’s Griffith Park. He’s been there […] Read more >

Sea Stars Still Dying Along the Oregon Coast

halloween party

Throw a Ranger Rick Halloween Party!

[10/22/2014 // By Michele Reyzer]

As one of the editors for Ranger Rick magazine, I get to create lots of kid-friendly crafts and recipes. Since autumn is my favorite time of the year, coming up with fun activities for Halloween is the best part of […] Read more >

Mentor, Mentee: Who’s helping who?

Red footed booby.  Photo by USFWS - Pacific

Newly Expanded Reserve Provides a Haven for Marine Wildlife

[10/2/2014 // By Les Welsh]

In a significant step forward for marine wildlife and our planet’s ocean ecosystems, President Obama last week authorized the expansion of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. The President’s proclamation expands the existing monument from 83,000 square miles to […] Read more >

Last Chance to R.O.A.R. for Bighorn Sheep Weekly News Roundup: National Public Lands Day is almost here!

Pronghorn running. Photo by Kathy Gervais. National Wildlife Photo Contest donated entry.

Weekly News Roundup: Pronghorn Need Your Help and More

[10/17/2014 // By Linda Argueta]

Pronghorn habitat is in danger! With the release of methane gases from oil and gas development in the West, pronghorn habitat is left vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. If we do not move forward with strong rules to […] Read more >

325 Sporting Groups Support EPA’s Clean Power Plan Scientists’ Report: Clean Power Plan Can Spur Wildlife-Friendly Renewable Energy

Acorn Woodpecker with Acorn

Nuts for Wildlife

[9/30/2014 // By David Mizejewski]

When we think of autumn, the first image that comes to mind is colorful leaves falling from the trees. Leaves, however, aren’t the only thing falling in the fall. This is the season of the nut as well, and many species […] Read more >

The Goldenrod Allergy Myth Monarchs Over Chesterfield

Marmot taken at Mt. Rainier National Park by Sarah Parslow.

Roll Up Your Sleeves for America’s Lands

[9/25/2014 // By Emily Lande]

This Saturday, folks across the country will be celebrating National Public Lands Day by taking to the streets (and by streets, I mean forests, trails, mountains, lakes, streams, and rivers) to revel in America’s shared backyard. As the largest volunteer […] Read more >

Endangered Red Wolves Need Our Voice Today Take Action for Wild Bighorn Sheep at Risk


Weekly News Roundup: President Obama is on a roll and more!

[10/10/2014 // By Linda Argueta]

Shortly after broadening the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument, President Obama has used his legal authority once again to create a new national monument! The San Gabriel Mountains National Monument was made official today, thanks to the support of […] Read more >

My Public Lands Story Celebrating 50 Years of American Wilderness