Corn stover is a potential source of biofuels, but there are environmental risks if too much residue is harvested. Photo: Lara Bryant

Can Corn Stover Really be a Sustainable Biofuel Source?

[4/23/2014 // By Lara Bryant]

What are the best ways to help us replace our reliance on fossil fuels without causing unsustainable damage to land, climate, water, or wildlife? The question remains unanswered because almost every means of energy production has both benefits and drawbacks, […] Read more >

U.S. Senator, Scientists Sound Warning on Climate Change

Mitzi Jones captured these two male Gould's turkeys strutting in her backyard in the Huachuca Mountains of southeast Arizona.

Gobble, Strut and Wattle: We’re Talking Turkey

[4/22/2014 // By Russell Bassett]

Most everyone is at least a little familiar with the wild turkey. The bird’s signature gobble is easily recognizable, and many people know the story of Ben Franklin pushing for the wild turkey to be the national bird. If nothing […] Read more >

New Public Lands Policies Could Mean Better On-the-Ground Practices


BP Spill Impacts on Red Snapper — What We Know, What We Don’t

[4/20/2014 // By Ryan Fikes]

Red snapper are one of the Gulf’s signature sportfish, popular among recreational and commercial fishermen and prized at markets and restaurants. Due to this popularity, red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico have been overfished since the early 1980s, but […] Read more >

Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Decision Delayed Again

Photo donated by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Samuel Quaintance.

Can Wild Bison Return to the Prairie Grasslands?

[4/17/2014 // By Steve Woodruff]

Most people probably know something about the awful history of the American bison. Almost every school child learns that 19th-century market hunters wiped out the vast herds that once roamed the prairies and that we barely managed to save this […] Read more >

How to Keep Wild Raccoons Wild Rue Mapp Receives Award for Communications

South Doyle Middle School NWF Schoolyard Habitat & Amphitheater

South Woodlawn Becomes First NWF Community Wildlife Habitat in Tennessee

[4/15/2014 // By Patrick Fitzgerald]

The City of Knoxville, Tennessee, has a mounting reputation for being a top destination for outdoor recreation. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians Mountains, it’s just about 45 minutes from Smokey Mountain National Park and the Appalachian Trail. But to […] Read more >

South Woodlawn Becomes First NWF Community Wildlife Habitat in Tennessee Weekly News Roundup: Lemurs are Threatened with Extinction and More

Chronic Wasting Disease a Threat to Missouri Deer

[4/21/2014 // By Kelly Wagner]

An infectious epidemic known as chronic wasting disease is threatening the lives of deer in the United States. The incurable disease was first discovered in captive deer at a research lab in Colorado. It has since spread to free-roaming and […] Read more >

Organizing for Clean Energy on the Prairie Will Coal Exports Hurt Salmon and Orcas in the Coming Years?


Weekly News Roundup: BP Attacks Science and NWF, and more

[4/18/2014 // By Linda Argueta]

Almost four years since the Gulf oil disaster in 2010, Gulf wildlife continues to suffer. National Wildlife Federation’s newly released report provides evidence of the ongoing environmental impacts of the Gulf oil disaster. For a hands-on look at environmental impacts, […] Read more >

Celebrate National Frog Month with 10 Frog-tastic Activities for Kids Students at PS 57 Conduct a 14-Month Water Quality Study

Denali National Park by Stokes Clarke

The Grandeur of Our National Parks

[4/18/2014 // By Dani Tinker]

This weekend is the beginning of National Parks Week (meaning you can enter National Parks for free). I’m excited by our National Parks. I have a Passport and get a stamp for each one I visit. The awe-inspiring views are […] Read more >

Antiquities Act Attack Latest Affront to Sportsmen Signs You May be Trapped in the Eternal Winter from ‘Frozen’