Monarch Identification Chart

Quiz: Will These Monarch Look-Alikes Fool You?

[3/26/2015 // By Dani Tinker]

Each spring I search desperately in butterfly gardens, hoping to catch a glimpse of a monarch butterfly. I’ll admit, there are a few butterfly species that trick me. The viceroy and queen butterflies are easy to confuse with monarchs. This […] Read more >

The Antiquities Act: Vital for the Public, Vital for America’s Outdoor Legacy

Insiders Call-in

Go Ahead, Ask Them Anything About Wildlife

[3/25/2015 // By Jane Kirchner]

  You’re in luck! This April 12th, you can ask two of the top wildlife experts in the country – NWF Chief Scientist Doug Inkley and Celebrity Naturalist David Mizejewski – ANYTHING about wildlife during our MEMBERS ONLY Protecting Wildlife […] Read more >

Weekly News Roundup: Happy World Frog Day and more

Dolphins. Photo credit: NWF

Five Years After the Oil Spill, Dead Dolphins and 25,000-Pound Tar Mat Found

[3/18/2015 // By Emily Guidry Schatzel]

One day after BP released a report saying the Gulf is on the road to recovery, we took a trip to one of the most impacted areas from the BP oil spill—Barataria Bay, Louisiana. From a dead baby dolphin to […] Read more >

Celebrating Women in Conservation: Cindy Dunn

NWF and West Virginia Rivers Coalition Act to Protect West Virginia’s Mountains and Streams

[3/17/2015 // By Jim Murphy]

National Wildlife Federation and its West Virginia affiliate West Virginia Rivers Coalition joined five other local, regional and national groups in filing a notice of intent to sue the U.S. Department of Interior because the Department’s Office of Surface Mining […] Read more >

First U.S. Offshore Wind Turbines Fully Financed for 2015 Construction President Delivers Tar Sands Wildlife Win, Keystone XL Rejection Next

Bumble Bee by Josh Mayes

National Wildlife Week: Atlanta Partnership Comes Together for Pollinators

[3/9/2015 // By Jessie Yuhaniak]

As a growing number of organizations spring to action on behalf of declining populations of pollinators across the country, partnerships like the Greater Atlanta Pollinator Partnership (GAPP), which was initiated in 2009, are seeing great success in creating homes for […] Read more >

Create an Enchanted Wildlife Garden Create an Enchanted Wildlife Garden

Barred owl

National Wildlife Week: Charlotte Attracts Extraordinary Wildlife Through Community Habitats

[3/9/2015 // By Jessie Yuhaniak]

In 2013, the Charlotte Reconnecting Ourselves with Nature (CROWN) chapter of North Carolina Wildlife Federation launched the Charlotte Naturally initiative to get the city certified as a Community Wildlife Habitat.  Their efforts have paid off — the city has now […] Read more >

Five Tips for Nesting Box Success Support Clean Water for Maryland’s Wildlife

National Wildlife Week: Seattle’s Villa Academy Raises a Flag for Eco-Schools

[3/9/2015 // By Jessie Yuhaniak]

Off the shores of Lake Washington in Seattle, Villa Academy is working to create a wildlife oasis at their pre K-8 Independent Catholic school.  Their 30-acre school grounds have been enhanced by removing invasive species, planting natives, and restoring important […] Read more >

National Wildlife Week: Bronx Guild High Boasts New York City’s Largest Orchard National Wildlife Week: Cooper City Creates a Home for Burrowing Owls

International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park, Portland Oregon. Photo by InSapphoWeTrust, Flickr Creative Commons

Fun Parks to Visit in the Top 10 Cities for Wildlife

[3/11/2015 // By Abby Barber]

Parks are great places to get outdoors and see wildlife, especially in cities. Whether a park is 100 acres or 4000 acres, wildlife is sure to be found in the trees, on the ground, in the water – all over! […] Read more >

National Wildlife Week: Urban Wildlife Finds a Home in Albuquerque Who Goes There? Identifying Animal Tracks In Your Backyard