Denali National Park by Stokes Clarke

The Grandeur of Our National Parks

[4/18/2014 // By Dani Tinker]

This weekend is the beginning of National Parks Week (meaning you can enter National Parks for free). I’m excited by our National Parks. I have a Passport and get a stamp for each one I visit. The awe-inspiring views are […] Read more >

Celebrate National Frog Month with 10 Frog-tastic Activities for Kids

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Los Angeles Mountain Lion Survives Freeways, Now Threatened by Poison Exposure

[4/17/2014 // By Beth Pratt]

During a recent capture, Hollywood’s famous mountain lion in Griffith Park displayed symptoms of mange and tested positive to poison exposure. Read more >

Can Wild Bison Return to the Prairie Grasslands?


World leaders call on President Obama to reject Keystone XL

[4/16/2014 // By Lena Moffitt]

Today a group of Nobel Peace Prize winners, including former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, issued a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, calling on them to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Their letter urges President Obama […] Read more >

Dead Gulf Dolphins, Destroyed Habitat Not BP’s Fault, Says BP

Raccoon kits by Barbara Fleming

How to Keep Wild Raccoons Wild

[3/31/2014 // By Laura Tangley]

Whether you live in the country, the city or the suburbs, if you’re frequently out and about after sunset, you’ve likely encountered a raccoon or two in your yard or neighborhood. Highly adaptable mammals, these masked carnivores seem to make […] Read more >

Rue Mapp Receives Award for Communications The Rusty Blackbird: 9 Things You Need to Know to Help Them

Atlantic puffins in Latrabjarg, Iceland

EPA research shows regulating methane is efficient and low cost

[4/16/2014 // By Mollie Simon]

This Tuesday, the EPA released five whitepapers examining methane emissions from the oil and gas sector and affirmed what we already knew—this powerful carbon pollutant can be reduced efficiently and cost-effectively. The white papers are part of President Obama’s multi-agency […] Read more >

NWF featured in “A Fierce Green Fire” on PBS NWF featured in “A Fierce Green Fire” on PBS

South Doyle Middle School NWF Schoolyard Habitat & Amphitheater

South Woodlawn Becomes First NWF Community Wildlife Habitat in Tennessee

[4/15/2014 // By Patrick Fitzgerald]

The City of Knoxville, Tennessee, has a mounting reputation for being a top destination for outdoor recreation. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians Mountains, it’s just about 45 minutes from Smokey Mountain National Park and the Appalachian Trail. But to […] Read more >

South Woodlawn Becomes First NWF Community Wildlife Habitat in Tennessee Weekly News Roundup: Lemurs are Threatened with Extinction and More

Tim (center) with students showing support for divestment by getting 350 signatures of students who support removing all endowment money from fossil fuels to be given to the president of the university.

Organizing for Clean Energy on the Prairie

[3/30/2014 // By Guest Author]

Guest Post by Timothy Sheehan The growth of renewable energy is the foundation of the fight against global climate change. In Minnesota, through renewable energy standards and healthy living initiatives, we are leading the nation in a push for progressive […] Read more >

Will Coal Exports Hurt Salmon and Orcas in the Coming Years? A Revolutionary Tool to See Forest Change – In Your Neighborhood or Anywhere Else on Earth

Park Rangers from Blue Heron Park assist PS 57 students with water sampling studies.

Students at PS 57 Conduct a 14-Month Water Quality Study

[3/20/2014 // By Emily Fano]

March 17–23 is National Wildlife Week, and this year’s theme is water, specifically people and wildlife’s shared need for clean water. In keeping with this year’s theme, Junior Scientists and Junior Rangers at PS57, a Green Flag Eco-School in Staten Island New York, […] Read more >

NWF’s Na’Taki Osborne Jelks Honored with White House Champions of Change Award Big Night: Teaching Kids About Vernal Pools