Great Blue Heron covered in oil from the Enbridge oil spill in Kalamazoo, Michigan

State Department Approves Illegal Scheme for Doubling Tar Sands Flowing through the Great Lakes

[8/25/2014 // By Jim Murphy]

On August 18, 2014, the State Department posted documents that show Enbridge has hatched a scheme to almost double the flow of tar sands into the Great Lakes region along its Alberta Clipper pipeline ( also known as Line 67), […] Read more >

Weekly News Roundup: Outdoor Enthusiasts are Ticked Off and More


Don’t Call it a Man’s World: Women Can Fish Every Bit as Well as Men

[8/21/2014 // By Russell Bassett]

When it comes to fishing, the lyrics to the James Brown hit song that “this is a man’s world” has historically been pretty accurate. With several notable exceptions, fishing was primarily the passion of males … but that was then […] Read more >

A Mine Here? We Can’t Bear It


Gulf Coast Oysters in Peril

[8/20/2014 // By Amanda Fuller]

If you’ve ordered Gulf oysters at a restaurant this summer, then you’ve noticed their prices have gone up. Way up. The decline of Gulf oysters has been a top headline in Gulf Coast papers recently. Last week, the Associated Press […] Read more >

Speak Up to Restore the Mississippi Gulf Coast


Surprising Similarities: What’s Going on in YOUR Backyard?

[8/15/2014 // By Guest Author]

By Kim Kurki, author of World of Birds: A Beginner’s Guide Did you ever think of hummingbirds and woodpeckers as similar? Until recently, I didn’t. Where I live in Eastern North America, Ruby-throated hummingbirds have been lapping up nectar from […] Read more >

A Tale of Three Butterflies: Endangered Species and the Everglades Get Ready For Monarch Migration

badlands bison

The Economics of Public Lands

[8/18/2014 // By Frank Sturges]

The over 640 million acres of federal public land benefit wildlife, recreation enthusiasts, and local residents every single day. They provide wildlife habitat, drinking water, and opportunities to challenge ourselves in the outdoors. Despite these many values, some state legislatures […] Read more >

National Forests Support Recreation Economy Tar Sands Vote in Maine Shows Communities Can Stand Up For Wildlife and Win Big

Check out this fun comparison of Ranger Rick and Rocket Raccoon

Ranger Rick vs Rocket Raccoon

[8/8/2014 // By Hillary Esquina]

Easter Egg Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and don’t want to know any spoilers – including easter eggs – bookmark this page and save until after you’ve seen the movie. What’s an easter […] Read more >

My Days On The Bay Weekly News Roundup: NWF’s Photo Contest Deadline Extended and more

Ticked Off-072914-1

Hunters Should Be Ticked Off

[8/19/2014 // By Russell Bassett]

The National Wildlife Federation recently released the report Ticked Off: America’s Outdoor Experience and Climate Change that examines how a warming world negatively affects outdoor recreation by increasing the pests that put a damper on and add danger to outdoor experiences. […] Read more >

Exploring the Missisquoi River – What’s at Stake from a Tar Sands Spill in Vermont? Top Voted Photo in 2014

Transporting tar sands through Vermont would directly threaten the moose, fish and birds that rely on clean water to survive. Photo donated by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Marin Packer.

Climate Change Really Bugs Wildlife  

[8/19/2014 // By Mollie Simon]

Who doesn’t love spotting a moose in the wild? Or the satisfaction of a successful garden harvest? Or catching a fish on a beautiful summer’s day? These outdoor experiences are fundamentally important in our lives but are being threatened by […] Read more >

Win for Wildlife: Oregon Rejects Coal Exports Win for Wildlife: Oregon Rejects Coal Exports