Red knots feeding on horseshoe crab eggs. Photo by Greg Breese, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Saving the Beach to Save the Red Knot

[4/17/2015 // By Grant LaRouche]

For some, New Jersey is paved, industrial, and polluted, but for the rufa red knot, New Jersey is life or death. Each year the red knot makes an awe-inspiring migration of 9,000 miles from the Arctic to the southern tip […] Read more >

What Else Could Taxpayers Get For $165 Million?

Photo by Scott Landseidel

Finding a Fawn: What To Do

[4/15/2015 // By David Mizejewski]

Every springtime, the National Wildlife Federation gets numerous emails and phone calls from concerned people asking the following question: “I found an abandoned fawn! Where can I take it?” The answer is almost always the same: The fawn isn’t abandoned and […] Read more >

Western Monarchs: Why 1 Percent Matters

Wood bison are threatened by tar sands extraction.  Photo Credit USFWS.

Canada Fails to Protect Wood Bison Herd from Tar Sands

[4/14/2015 // By Jim Murphy]

As we await the President’s anticipated rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline, new information on iconic wood bison further demonstrates how tar sands oil harms wildlife every step of the way. In the productive habitat of Northern Alberta in Canada, the Athabasca […] Read more >

Small but Mighty: Streams and Wetlands that Matter

Weekly News Roundup: Standing up for Wetlands, Streams & more!

[4/17/2015 // By Linda Argueta]

Wildlife like river otters depend on clean water and healthy rivers to live. Without clean water, we are putting countless river otters and other wildlife in danger. Right now, members of Congress need to hear your voice! Urge them to […] Read more >

Weekly News Roundup: Wildlife Still Struggling and more Waking the Giant: NWF Rallies Around Core Beliefs

Offshore wind turbines (photo: London Array)

The Department of Energy’s New Vison on Wind Power

[4/2/2015 // By Jenny Rowland]

The future of the U.S. energy supply is looking blustery – and that’s a good thing! On March 12th, the Department of Energy (DOE) released a new report titled Wind Vision: A New Era for Wind Power in the United […] Read more >

NWF and West Virginia Rivers Coalition Act to Protect West Virginia’s Mountains and Streams First U.S. Offshore Wind Turbines Fully Financed for 2015 Construction

Barred owl

National Wildlife Week: Charlotte Attracts Extraordinary Wildlife Through Community Habitats

[3/9/2015 // By Jessie Yuhaniak]

In 2013, the Charlotte Reconnecting Ourselves with Nature (CROWN) chapter of North Carolina Wildlife Federation launched the Charlotte Naturally initiative to get the city certified as a Community Wildlife Habitat.  Their efforts have paid off — the city has now […] Read more >

Five Tips for Nesting Box Success Support Clean Water for Maryland’s Wildlife

Otter Swimming with Plastic Bottle

A NYC Eco-Schools Teacher Helps Her Classroom Go Plastic-Free

[4/9/2015 // By Guest Author]

The environment did not start out as a curriculum objective. It happened as a result of the principal’s insistence on integrating current events into our lessons. Different themes and concerns arose with different groups of students. Whatever they were invested in […] Read more >

First School in Texas to Earn National Award for Sustainability Initiatives! Kindergarteners Help Grow a Wild Brooklyn

International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park, Portland Oregon. Photo by InSapphoWeTrust, Flickr Creative Commons

Fun Parks to Visit in the Top 10 Cities for Wildlife

[3/11/2015 // By Abby Barber]

Parks are great places to get outdoors and see wildlife, especially in cities. Whether a park is 100 acres or 4000 acres, wildlife is sure to be found in the trees, on the ground, in the water – all over! […] Read more >

National Wildlife Week: Urban Wildlife Finds a Home in Albuquerque Who Goes There? Identifying Animal Tracks In Your Backyard


Saving Salmon in California: A Native Perspective

[4/6/2015 // By Beth Pratt-Bergstrom]

A note from NWF’s California Director Beth Pratt: California Conservation Corp crew members and their leader John Griffith have embraced NWF’s Certified Wildlife Habitat program and certified their Ukiah campus, with plans of doing more sites across California. I recently […] Read more >

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