mountain lion crossing

Getting Wildlife (Safely) to the Other Side of the Road

[7/18/2014 // By Jane Kirchner]

More and more, mountain lions are tragically being injured or killed on the heavily-trafficked roads outside Los Angeles that cut through their mountain habitat. And as sprawling development consumes significant portions of the remaining green spaces in our country’s largest […] Read more >

Weekly News Roundup: NWF’s Photo Contest Deadline Extended and more

forest fire truck

Wildfire Season in Full Swing

[7/18/2014 // By Frank Sturges]

Wildfire season is in full swing and states across the West are starting to feel the burn. From the over 20,000 acre Mills Canyon fire in Washington to a wildfire in a remote Wilderness Area in the Sequoia National Forest in California, sparks are […] Read more >

How to Get Kids Hooked on Fishing and Create Future Conservationists

New Jersey Wind Energy Area (BOEM)

Obama Administration Announces Progress for Offshore Wind Power in New Jersey

[7/17/2014 // By Amber Hewett]

Momentum continues to build on the journey toward realizing America’s offshore wind power potential. Today, Interior Secretary Jewell kicked off the leasing process for New Jersey’s 344,000 acre Wind Energy Area marking a key milestone in the process for offshore […] Read more >

Meeting of Governors and Premiers a Big Opportunity for Northeast Wildlife

NWF2572-toad house

Functional Decor for the Wildlife Garden

[6/27/2014 // By David Mizejewski]

You can create a wildlife-friendly garden that provides birds, butterflies and other backyard wildlife with the four components of habitat: food, water, cover, and places to raise their young. These things will make your garden attractive to all sorts of […] Read more >

NWF Certified Wildlife Habitats Coming to a College Near You! Support President’s Obama’s Call to Action to Protect Bees and other Pollinators—Plant a Wildlife Garden!

Lizard on a rock

Bright Future for Renewables on Public Lands

[7/2/2014 // By Frank Sturges]

This week, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) auctioned off its first lease in a designated Solar Energy Zone. The Dry Lake project in Nevada is the first of 19 identified sites to be auctioned, and a shining symbol of the potential […] Read more >

Stand with Sportsmen and Conservationists for Clean Water Time to Go On Offense to Protect Our Cherished Public Lands

Weekly News Roundup: It’s Pollinator Week and more!

[6/20/2014 // By Linda Argueta]

This week marks National Pollinator Week! Take the time to learn about the many different pollinating animal species that pollinate our crops and wildflowers. Pollinators such as the bumble bee, hummingbird, bats and the moth all play a crucial part […] Read more >

Easy Ways To Celebrate June As Great Outdoors Month An Exciting Day for Kids and Nature Policy


The Beauty in Your Backyard

[7/17/2014 // By Jenni Lopez]

Even nature’s tiniest details are beautiful – see if you can capture them! Submit to the National Wildlife Photo Contest today! Read more >

Take a Stand for Public Lands Celebrate Nature Photography Day

Broad-headed skink on top of a log by Dani Tinker.

Dead Trees Are Anything But Dead

[7/16/2014 // By Dani Tinker]

I recently learned that dead trees provide vital habitat for more than 1,000 species of wildlife nationwide. The two most common types of dead wood you’ll find in your yard, along a trail or at a park are snags (upright) and logs […] Read more >

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