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Outdoor Time Reduces Stress

New Film Highlights Overloaded Stressed-Out Kids

3/9/2011 // By Mary Burnette

A new documentary film being embraced by parents and teachers alike may explain why we have a generation of kids so totally disconnected from nature. Race to Nowhere, being shown in hundreds of theaters, schools and to organizations nationwide highlights …

New White House Report on Great Outdoors

2/16/2011 // By Mary Burnette

Today President Obama is announcing a new conservation and recreation agenda for the country, detailed in a report entitled “America’s Great Outdoors.” The President established the America’s Great Outdoors initiative in April of 2010 and charged several government agencies to …

Photo Credit: Flickr's Californian Em

Looking for An Excuse to Party? Here is a Squirrely One

1/18/2011 // By Mary Burnette

Celebrate National Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21, 2011 by giving these furry friends something to munch on as they scrounge for winter food sources.

Santa goes green

Santa Goes Green

12/22/2010 // By Mary Burnette

For years, my husband has wrapped all his Christmas presents in the comic pages from our newspaper. This year there is even a present under the tree wrapped in the flyer from our local supermarket listing this week’s holiday specials. …

Outdoor Time Helps Kids Get Sunshine Vitamin

11/30/2010 // By Mary Burnette

Vitamin D levels are increased by the Institute of Medicine. Mother Nature can help kids get their recommended daily amount.

Hike and Seek Hikers

Kids Discover Nature with NWF’s Hike & Seek at Seneca Creek State Park

10/5/2010 // By Mary Burnette

After three days of torrential rain, the bright morning sun was welcomed by NWF’s Hike & Seekers at Seneca Creek State Park on Saturday. The air was crisp and clean, perfect for a hike in the woods to discover the …

Introducing Our Nature Haiku Contest

8/17/2010 // By Mary Burnette

Nature is the best Inspires words of happiness Let me share my joy The Japanese art of Haiku requires a creative mind, and nature can provide one of the best sources of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Writing …

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