New White House Report on Great Outdoors

Today President Obama is announcing a new conservation and recreation agenda for the country, detailed in a report entitled “America’s Great Outdoors.”

The President established the America’s Great Outdoors initiative in April of 2010 and charged several government agencies to develop a 21st century conservation and recreation strategy based on the priorities of American citizens.

Close to 200,000 people weighed in on the report, either online or in person at more than 50 listening sessions around the country.

The message sent by the American public was clear; we can’t afford to lose our threatened open spaces and natural ecosystems.

Conserving open spaces and ecosystems provides a way to nurture healthier kids, many of whom have lost their connection to nature.

At the same times, protecting the wild in our world will give us, as well as future generations, millions of outdoor recreation jobs, places to fish and hunt, diverse wildlife populations, clean water to drink, and clean air to breath.

Watch the President’s remarks as he introduces the America’s Great Outdoors report >>