Nature is the best

Inspires words of happiness

Let me share my joy

The Japanese art of Haiku requires a creative mind, and nature can provide one of the best sources of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Writing Haikus about the wonders of nature can be a great way to ease young minds from vacation mode to back-to-school mode. It’s a wonderful creative outlet for adults too. That’s why the National Wildlife Federation is sponsoring a Haiku contest for people of all ages.

BlogpostWriting haikus is easy, fun and a wonderful way to connect you and the kids in your life with the great outdoors. We’re looking for any and all nature-themed haiku poems, whether it’s about a summer vacation at the lake, or bird-watching in the backyard, we want to hear about it. My son’s haikus were always about worms and other creepy crawly critters!

Just like the one above, a Haiku is three lines. And it doesn’t even need to rhyme – it just needs to follow the following rules:

•    First line =  five syllables
•    Second line = seven syllables
•    Third line =  five syllables

Winners will be featured on the National Wildlife Federation website and in the September issue of the “Be Out There” newsletter.

Entries can be submitted at You must be 18 or older to enter, but you can also enter on behalf of a child. Entry deadline is August 31, 2010. If you are looking for some fun activities loaded with ideas for Haikus, check out