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Report: Climate Change Is Greatest Threat Ever To U.S. National Parks

10/3/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

In a recently released report, our colleagues at the Natural Resources Defense Council have identified how great a threat global warming poses to U.S. national parks. U.S. Today Science Fair reports: The report – National Parks in Peril: The Threats of Climate […] Read more >

Using Mobile Phone Towers For Wind Power Generation

10/3/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

As the world moves toward lower carbon energy production it will cause us to look for power production opportunities in new places including cell towers. This is particularly important for areas where electric distribution is limited. Paul Ridden of […] Read more >

NWF Community Habitat Program: Whole Communities For Wildlife!

10/2/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

The National Wildlife Federation’s Community Habitat Program now has 80 communities either certified or in the process and they range in size from small towns of a few thousand to larger communities of close to million residents. Colchester Connecticut, a […] Read more >

North Pacific Humpback Whales Making A Comeback

10/1/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

After being hunted to near extinction, the population of humpbacks near British Columbia has increased and there are signs it may come off the endangered species list next year. Though these creatures are doing better since being protected from hunting, they […] Read more >

180 Of The World’s Largest Investors (With $13 Trillion) Want Climate Legislation Passed

9/28/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

Wildlife has a whole bunch of new friends. As the Senate considers climate legislation and the world readies itself for the global climate negotiations in Copenhagen a powerful and welcome group of investment funds and banks are speaking out: Hermela Brook of Zikkir Business […] Read more >

Report: Climate Change Coming Sooner, Stronger Than Thought

9/27/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

A report released on September 22 by the United Nations points to some disturbing findings about how much quicker global warming is coming on: Roseanne Skirble of Voice of America reports: “The UNEP report presents scientific evidence that has emerged […] Read more >

President Obama Points Out The Role of Hunters and Anglers in America’s Conservation History

9/26/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

To acknowledge National Hunting and Fishing Day this weekend, President Obama has released a special White House proclamation that reflects the many decades that hunters and anglers in the U.S. have supported funding and have been volunteers for creating wildlife […] Read more >

City Rooftops: Paint Them White Or Plant Them With Green? — New Study

9/26/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

Cities are real climate hot spots and their rooftops, in particular, absorb heat and run up energy use. Jeff Salton at reports: Previous studies have indicated that painting roofs white can be a low tech way to reduce global […] Read more >

Scientists: New Rating System Maps Immediacy Of Nine Threats to Environment

9/26/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

In a rating system compiled by a group of scientists, there is new meaning to immediate threats being off-the-charts. The top three threats? Biodiversity loss, nitrogen run-off and climate change. Susannah Locke at Popsci-com reports: “Publishing in the journal Nature, […] Read more >

Using “Conservation Dogs” To Sniff Out Endangered Species For Protection

9/21/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

Looking for endangered plants or animals in a large conservation area? How about using a tracking dog? Jeremy Hance at reports: “Working Dogs for Conservation (WDC) was begun by Megan Parker in 2000: the idea, to use dogs’ impeccable scent capabilities for […] Read more >