North Pacific Humpback Whales Making A Comeback

Humpback Whale photo by NOAAAfter being hunted to near extinction, the population of humpbacks near British Columbia has increased and there are signs it may come off the endangered species list next year. Though these creatures are doing better since being protected from hunting, they still face the long-term threat of climate change. Still, today, the news is good. (Photo: NOAA)

CBC reports:

“The North Pacific population of humpback whales has doubled in the past two decades, hitting close to 20,000 in the North Pacific, an international study released last year concluded, and local whale watchers say they can vouch for the results. Stubbs Island naturalist Jackie Hildering has seen the recovery of humpbacks first-hand while working in the Broughton Archipelago off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island. Hildering said while sightings of the threatened whale used to be rare, this year she’s identified almost 50 individual whales including juveniles.”

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