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Mayors Call for Ambitious Climate Deal

12/22/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

Mayors from major cities around the world signed a resolution calling for a comprehensive and "ambitious" accord to institute and enforce carbon pollution cuts, spurning the notion that difficult economic straits preclude nations from taking decisive climate action. "We can't […] Read more >

Pope: Environmental Issues are Human Rights Issues

12/22/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

Pope Benedict XVI, whose papacy has seen the Vatican take steps toward reducing carbon pollution and improving overall sustainability, is calling for action to protect global natural resources and curb global warming. "We can no longer do without a real […] Read more >

Highlight of the Week: Senators Offer 'Tripartisan' Framework for Climate and Energy Legislation

12/17/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

As talks heat up in Copenhagen, leaders stateside are speaking out on behalf of clean energy. Senators John Kerry (D-MA), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Joe Lieberman (I-CT), have sent President Obama a letteroutlining their framework for a 'tripartisan' climate and energy […] Read more >

Economic Message of the Week: DOE Loan Guarantee to Mercury-Cutting Company

12/17/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

The Department of Energy has announced the offer of a loan guarantee to a manufacturer of equipment to reduce some of the most harmful byproducts associated with a dirty fuel source. Red River Environmental Products, based in Louisiana, will receive the $245 million conditional […] Read more >

Editorial of the Week: We All Have a Stake in Curbing Warming in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

12/17/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

Nations should look to the potential of green technology and conservation efforts to create new jobs that can help with economic recovery and reduce human impact on climate change. Wisconsin's biggest company, Glendale-based Johnson Controls Inc., can attest to the […] Read more >

Polls: Global Warming a Serious Problem

12/17/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

With President Obama preparing to attend the second half of the international climate summit in Copenhagen and a diverse coalition of U.S. senators discussing a 'tripartisan' outline for climate and energy legislation, the American public still considers global warming a […] Read more >

U.S. to Promote Clean Energy in Developing Countries

12/17/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the launch of a new initiative to promote clean energy technologies in developing countries at the international climate summit in Copenhagen. "No matter what pledges are made here in Copenhagen, global emissions cannot be cut […] Read more >

U.N. Group Drafts Emission Reduction Plan

12/17/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

A negotiation text outlining ambitious carbon pollution cuts over the next 40 years has been released, buoying efforts toward an international climate accord at the U.N.-sponsored climate conference in Copenhagen. The document, which was drafted by a U.N. ad-hoc working group, […] Read more >

Restoring the Longleaf Pine: Preparing the Southeast for Global Warming

12/17/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

A good-news global warming story about a pine tree with a storied past promises that a back-to-the-future approach will provide economic opportunities and help prepare the southeastern U.S. for a changing climate. Restoring longleaf pine ecosystems across the Southeast will […] Read more >

Highlight of the Week: Obama Bumps Up Copenhagen Slate as EPA Rules on Carbon

12/10/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

The president is changing his travel plans. President Obama will now head to the international climate summit in Copenhagen during the critical closing days of the summit, rather than at the outset, spurred by strong support for climate action and […] Read more >