December, 2009


Outdoor Kids: 365 Days Outside

You know that immense feeling of satisfaction after you achieve a goal? I want you to feel that same satisfaction this time next year, after you’ve spent 365 days outside … Read more

New NWF Program: Erthnxt: Trees for the 21st Century

The National Wildlife Federation and the national tree-planting and youth education organization, Erthnxt, have combined forces to further environmental literacy, youth volunteerism, habitat restoration, and reversing global warming.  Our joint aim … Read more

For The New Year, Pledge A Different Kind of TIME OUT

Let’s make the indoor childhood so ’00s. NWF wants Americans to open the next decade with a new type  of ‘time out’: a New Year’s resolution to spend more of … Read more

Top Ten Wildlife Stories Of 2009

In the incredibly diverse world of wildlife and endangered species, anyone would be hard pressed to pick the top stories for 2009. But here are ten stories that certainly rose … Read more

Swiftflop: Polluter-Pushed Scandal Fails to Slow Support for Climate Action

A new poll released by the National Wildlife Federation is revealing that Swifthack hasn’t moved the needle with voters. Read more

Pedal Power: What Academe Knows About Bikes

By Paul Tolmé Susan Handy is the type of bicyclist that environmentalists and policymakers would like to see more of on American roadways. She commutes to work by bike, rides … Read more

Pervious Surface

Permeable Concrete Reduces Emissions

By Maryruth Belsey Priebe Concrete has earned a bad rap as a high-energy construction material, but some institutions, like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) and Auburn … Read more

Consulting Our Crystal Ball

We convened a virtual panel to see how far the campus sustainability movement has come this decade, and make a few predictions for the future. See bios of our “speakers” … Read more

Last Chance book by Larry Schweiger

Book Review: Last Chance

In his debut book, Larry Schweiger, President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, paints a clear picture of the risks we are taking by continuing to emit greenhouse gasses … Read more

Highlight of the Week: Proposed Copenhagen Agreement: We're Not Done Yet

World leaders concluded two weeks of intense climate negotiations in Copenhagen Friday, resulting in a political agreement that fell short of an ambitious or legally binding climate pact. With public … Read more