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Jane Kirkland is the award-winning author of the "Take A Walk®" series of nature discovery books as well as "No Student Left Indoors: Creating a Field Guide to Your Schoolyard", the acclaimed educator's guide to helping students discover nature in their schoolyard. To learn more about Jane and her books visit: www.takeawalk.com.

Make a Field Guide… to Your Yard!

6/9/2010 // By Jane Kirkland

Ten tips to document the nature in your neighborhood

Creating a Field Guide to Your Backyard, Part II

9/27/2008 // By Jane Kirkland

In April I introduced a no-cost, low-impact way to observe and enjoy nature with your kids by creating a field guide to your own backyard. Taking as little or as much time as your family can spare, it’s a way …

Take a ‘Field Skip’

9/25/2008 // By Jane Kirkland

Introduce a new concept to your child’s school: the field trip that doesn’t cost a dime.

Have a Beach Hour

7/30/2008 // By Jane Kirkland

I can’t believe August is here. Where did the summer go? Soon everyone will be shopping for school supplies, shoes, clothes and uniforms. We’re all trying to squeeze in as much vacation time with the kids as we can. For …

In Search of Urban Critters

7/2/2008 // By Jane Kirkland

People often think they have to travel far to see nature. They overlook the nature in their own backyards, schoolyards, neighborhoods and yes, even cities. There is plenty of nature in our cities and you don’t have to be in …

Take a Cloud Walk

5/28/2008 // By Jane Kirkland

Download a free book on clouds and take your kids on a cloud-gazing expedition!

Creating a Field Guide to Your Backyard, Part 1

4/30/2008 // By Jane Kirkland

Here’s a great way to hone your child’s writing, research and observation skills!

Kids and Binoculars

3/26/2008 // By Jane Kirkland

Good tips to keep in mind when introducing kids to these nature-watching tools.

Field Guides for Your Green Hour

2/27/2008 // By Jane Kirkland

Tips for choosing the best guides for your family.

Birdfeeding 101

1/30/2008 // By Jane Kirkland

This is a popular time of year to feed birds. Watching birds at the feeder is a fun and educational family activity that you can do from within the house when the days are cold or rainy. November through April …

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