May, 2008

Climate Change Rally in Philadelphia

Yesterday, NWF helped organize a major climate change rally in Philadelphia. It was a bit of a circus, with the famous Love Park fountain dyed green, a class of kindergartners, … Read more

Global Warming and Wildlife

My job is securing funding from global warming legislation to protect natural resources and wildlife from global warming.  I like the idea that decades from now, I can look back … Read more

Calling the Presidentials…

What do Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain have in common?  Yes, they’re all running for President (thank you, Captain Obvious), but they also all strongly differ from the … Read more

Climate Change Already Impacting the U.S.

A study released Tuesday by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program found that nearly 60 percent of species studied have already been affected by climate change. The Washington Post article … Read more

All my ideas are taken…

Literally as I was posting my blog last night, John McCain was announcing that he won’t support the Climate Security Act and he also won’t even be showing up to … Read more

New Hampshire Businesses Voice Support for Climate Security Act

Yesterday in Manchester, New Hampshire, seven local business leaders called on Senators Gregg and Sununu to vote for the Climate Security Act and strengthen New Hampshire’s economy. Speakers ranged from … Read more

Take a Cloud Walk

Download a free book on clouds and take your kids on a cloud-gazing expedition! Read more

T-minus 6 days…

It’s all go here in the DC office of National Wildlife Federation; the countdown is on. Last Friday Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, filed for cloture on the Climate Security … Read more

Stream Restoration at Appalachian State U.

This underwhelming waterway is known as Kraut Creek to residents of Boone, NC, who remember the days when a local sauerkraut factory sent its runoff downstream, polluting air and water … Read more

Oberlin Students Test Drive Sustainable Living

Today’s New York Times profiled the SEED house at environmental all-star Oberlin College. SEED stands for Student Experiment in Ecological Design, and unites eight students in a practical laboratory of … Read more