February, 2008

House Passes Renewable Energy Credits

The House on Wednesday approved a bill to extend more than $17 billion in tax credits and other incentives to encourage the production of energy from solar, wind and other …

Flooded Village Files Suit, Citing Corporate Link to Climate Change

Lawyers for the Alaska Native coastal village of Kivalina, which is being forced to relocate because of flooding caused by the changing Arctic climate, filed suit in federal court this …

Granholm: Energy jobs will spark the economy

Having just returned from a meeting of the National Governors Association in Washington, D.C., Gov. Jennifer Granholm said Michigan is positioned to become a base for the alternative energy industry …

History of Global Warming

For those history buffs interested in better understanding how Americans have come to understand climate science, check out this video. On an encouraging note, it highlights a 2007 poll which …

Field Guides for Your Green Hour

Corals May Get Help Adapting to Warmer Waters

Brazil hosts global forum on climate

World’s First Carbon-Neutral Sailfish Tournament

Last month I spent a weekend in Miami Beach at the world’s first carbon-neutral sailfish tournament, co-sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation. The tournament offset an estimated 200 tons of …

Hunters, anglers target Lieberman-Warner fence-sitters

NWF held a press conference announcing the more than 670 sportsmen groups that signed onto a letter calling for funding for protection of wildlife from global warming and to pass …

UN Seek New Leaders on Global Warming

Virgin CEO Richard Branson offered Monday to set up an "environmental war room" to lead the world’s efforts to find a fix for global warming. Read the entire story here.

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