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Danielle is the Midwest Regional Outreach Coordinator responsible for educating, engaging, organizing and mobilizing hunters, anglers and wildlife enthusiasts. She helps NWF’s efforts to stop global warming by building and coordinating a coalition of sportsmen and women, labor, business, conservationists and other stakeholders and activists in the Great Lakes region.

Protecting Our Great Lakes from Mercury

5/16/2011 // By Danielle Korpalski

It is great to see anglers speaking out about the impacts of mercury pollution on fishing, tourism, business, and health.  Take a look at this opinion editorial written by an avid Michigan angler.  It’s no wonder why sportsmen and women, …

Clean Air Act Event, Stark State College, Ohio

Video: Too much clean air?

3/25/2011 // By Danielle Korpalski

Why would Congress seek to weaken the Clean Air Act?  Do Members of Congress really believe we have too much clean air?  These were some of the questions asked by concerned citizens last night at the National Wildlife Federation’s Clean …

Picture from ARLIS Reference/flickr

Representative Barton Defends Big Oil Yet Again

3/11/2011 // By Danielle Korpalski

In an interview with ABC this week, Representative Barton – you may recall him as the man who apologized to BP after they spilled millions of gallons of oil into the publicly owned waters of the Gulf of Mexico – …

Ohio activists rally for clean air

Taking It To The Streets

2/25/2011 // By Danielle Korpalski

NWF and Ohio clean air advocates from across the state gathered outside the Columbus, Ohio office of Congressman Steve Stivers this week to protest his recent vote to decimate the Environmental Protection Agency and expose Ohioans and wildlife to higher …

Oiled muskrat in Michigan after oil spill

Michigan’s Toxic Dilemma

12/14/2010 // By Danielle Korpalski

I’m a Michigan native, and even I was shocked to read the news today that we have 11,000 contaminated toxic hotspots & little money to clean them up: Experts say the state is at a crossroads: It has more than 11,000 …