Protecting Our Great Lakes from Mercury

It is great to see anglers speaking out about the impacts of mercury pollution on fishing, tourism, business, and health.  Take a look at this opinion editorial written by an avid Michigan angler.  It’s no wonder why sportsmen and women, conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts are concerned about removing Clean Air Act protections.

“Only through the EPA’s strong new protections from toxic mercury can we reduce mercury levels quickly and decisively. As a resident of the Great Lakes State, I believe we deserve these protections despite the rhetoric currently espoused by protection dissenters,” said Lance Weyeneth, Board Member of Anglers of the Au Sable.

Now is the time to be ramping up our efforts to address pollution, such as mercury, not rolling them back.  And for us in the Great Lakes region, we truly know the importance of protecting our lakes and everything that lives in them.

To read more of Lance’s editorial, click here.

TAKE ACTION to make sure the Environmental Protection Agency sets strong standards for mercury pollution!