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12/15/2006 // By Kristin Kranendonk

With the stroke of a pen, Oberlin took a leadership role in environmental stewardship last month when President Nancy Dye established Oberlin as one of the nation’s first institutions of higher education to accept the goal of climate neutrality by …

2007 Campus Ecology Fellowship Opportunity

12/7/2006 // By Kristin Kranendonk

NWF is looking for undergraduate and graduate students dedicated to confronting global warming on campus to become our 2007 Campus Ecology Fellows. We encourage sustainability task forces, environmental committees, or similar groups to nominate one or more student applicants for …

Campus Climate Challenge Teleconference

10/27/2006 // By Kristin Kranendonk

Campus Ecology just kicked off its 2006-07 teleconference series with “Campus Climate Challenge: How to Engage Students and Gain Support from Your Administration.” Speakers talked about successful ways to launch the Campus Climate Challenge on campus while evolving faculty and …

Aye Chihuahua!!

10/13/2006 // By Kristin Kranendonk

Last week the campus ecology team (along with my dog Pint) attended the largest conference on sustainability in higher learning to date in the United States. Put on by AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, …

If they can do it…

8/24/2006 // By Kristin Kranendonk

When you think of what types of companies and organizations might be going carbon neutral, what do you think of? Environmental non-profits? Small businesses in Vermont and California? How about a US Air Force base? The U.S. Air Force is …

Scaling Mountains: The Big Guy and the Monster

8/10/2006 // By Kristin Kranendonk

My friend, Justin, just climbed Denali and the official expedition name was “Big Guy and the Monster”. And Denali is, indeed, a monster! Seeing Justin’s amazing summit pictures made me realize that I will never, ever, become a mountaineer. Denali …

Moo-ve Over Conventional Farming!

7/19/2006 // By Kristin Kranendonk

The most obvious culprits of global warming are transportation and energy, but what exactly does that mean? If we all change our light bulbs and buy a hybrid the problem is solved? That certainly would help, but we have to …

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