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Moms Gone Wild!

5/9/2009 // By David Mizejewski

Motherhood is a life-changing experience for humans and wildlife alike. Wildlife mothers devote precious resources to finding a mate, digging dens, building nests, giving birth and protecting and feeding their babies. Just because they’re not human doesn’t make wildlife mothers […] Read more >

What the Easter Bunny was REALLY Doing

4/13/2009 // By David Mizejewski

This past weekend the Easter Bunny made his rounds, leaving baskets filled with marshmallow peeps,  jellybean-filled plastic eggs, and chocolates made in his image.  But real rabbits and their cousins the hares aren’t interested in baskets and candy.  For them, […] Read more >

Bird Watching: The American Robin

2/18/2009 // By David Mizejewski

Robins in Winter? American robins are found throughout North America and are a symbol of winter’s end. The first appearance of a robin is a sure sign that spring has sprung. But did you know that in most of the lower 48 […] Read more >

Valentine’s Day: Weird Wildlife Mating Rituals

2/13/2009 // By David Mizejewski

While they might not be giving roses and writing love poems, wildlife have some pretty fascinating–and sometimes downright bizarre–courtship and mating rituals of their own.You won’t find singles bars or online dating sites for our furry and feathered friends but […] Read more >

Fall Migration Update!

10/17/2008 // By David Mizejewski

Fall is here and across the country migration is in full swing. But birds aren’t the only creatures to migrate south in the fall. Some species of butterflies and dragonflies do it as well. Monarch butterflies Monarch butterflies migrate thousands […] Read more >

Seven Tips for Bird Feeding on a Budget

6/11/2008 // By David Mizejewski

It’s no secret that the economy has slowed down in recently months.  Gas and grocery prices are up, and we’re all looking for ways to save a buck. So what’s a backyard bird watcher to do when it’s time to […] Read more >

Wildlife Adoption

6/9/2008 // By David Mizejewski

I was feeling down after my last post about the extinction of the Caribbean monk seal, only to get a  notification a few minutes later about NWF’s new wildlife adoption program. Here’s how it works. It’s a symbolic adoption, meaning that […] Read more >

Carribbean Monk Seal Extinct

6/9/2008 // By David Mizejewski

The Caribbean monk seal has been officially declared extinct.  It’s the only seal species to go extinct specifically from human causes.  Both the Hawaiian monk seal and the Mediterranean monk seal survive but are endangered. As we continue to feel […] Read more >

5 Wild Edible Foods

6/4/2008 // By David Mizejewski

For most folks, dinner comes neatly packaged from the grocery store. But before it reaches the shelves, all of our food comes from the land in one way or another. And did you know that some foods that aren’t farmed at […] Read more >

Spring Bird Migration is in Full Swing!

4/7/2008 // By David Mizejewski

Spring bird migration is in full swing.  Here are just a few of the species to be on the lookout for in your region this week. Northeast Ruby throated hummingbird Broad-winged hawk Eastern kingbird Midwest Bobolink Barn swallow Red-eyed vireo […] Read more >