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NWF on Animal Planet tomorrow, April 2

3/31/2008 // By David Mizejewski

Don’t miss an appearance by NWF naturalist David Mizejewski in a special Animal Planet program called “Nim’s Island Our World: A Reel Thinking Event.”¬† The special, hosted by Jeff Corwin, focuses on the wildlife that appears in the new major […] Read more >

Mysterious Bat Die-Off in the Northeast

3/28/2008 // By David Mizejewski

Bats in the Northeast have died in massive numbers over the last few months and no one knows why. There are over 1,000 bat species globally and these flying mammals are important players in their respective ecosystems.¬†Northeastern bat species feed […] Read more >

Wildlife and Weather – December 21st

12/21/2007 // By David Mizejewski

Wildlife and Weather is a resource interpreting the impact of weather conditions on wildlife. Christmas Bird Count National Wildlife Federation supports citizen science, and one of the oldest such efforts is the Christmas Bird Count sponsored by our friends at […] Read more >

Turn the Holidays Green: Earth Friendly Gifts and Tips

12/10/2007 // By David Mizejewski

To follow-up on last week’s “Green Spotlight on the Holidays, here are some additional green gift ideas you may be interested in. Everyday the headlines reflect a change in the way Americans relate to the environment and the way they […] Read more >