NWF, Wendy Williams and Baby Animals

If you’re a fan of Wendy Williams’ syndicated talk show, or saw her on Dancing With the Stars, you know that she’s a larger-than-life personality.  As a regular guest on The Wendy Williams Show, and the first to bring on animal ambassadors, I’m happy to report that Wendy’s love of wildlife is growing.

It’s my goal to get it to match her enthusiasm for wigs and celebrity gossip!

In my latest appearance, I pulled out all the stops and brought some of the cutest, cuddliest baby animals around. In the face of such adorableness, even Wendy’s natural trepidation around wild animals melted away.

And even better, she helped me promote National Wildlife Federation’s Wild Animal Baby Adoption program!

Don’t forgot to adopt a wild animal baby and help support NWF’s work to protect wildlife.